Question 469

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  1. JLP:

    I have so much love from my tribe (some family and friends) … the romantic love isn’t the most important.

    Recognition YES. Fame NO.

  2. .:

    Health – Happiness – Love – Money —————————————- Fame

  3. soulcatch:

    health, happiness, love if I have the first 3 I doubtI’d need much money do not want fame

  4. Hubba:

    Love, happiness, health, money, fame

  5. me!:

    health, love, happiness, money, fame

  6. randomteen:

    Health, Happiness, Love, Money, Fame
    p.s that girl is the pic looks beautiful

  7. Rayton:

    Happiness Love Health Money Fame

  8. happiness, health, love, money, fame.

  9. anon:

    Happy, love, health, fame, money.

  10. Brittany:

    Happiness, health, love, money, fame.

  11. Claire:

    Happiness, health, love, money, fame.

  12. Nick:

    Happiness, love, health, money, fame.

  13. wizz:

    health, happiness, money, love, fame.

  14. wizz:

    but with enough money i could buy the other 4.

  15. Kat:

    happiness love money health fame.

    I believe you need to be happy before you can truly love & be loved. Also, without money people live in poor conditions, which then it turn tends to effect their health, and my health is stressful enough as is. I want nothing to do with fame, I can’t handle people in my business.

  16. happiness, health, money, love, fame

  17. Lelio:

    That’s a tough one.
    If I’m a healthy guy who has found success with his art (fame and money), and feels love in his heart, then I’m going to be happy.
    I suppose happiness can exist without fame or money… But if I’m not healthy, and if I don’t feel love, then I’m not happy.
    This isn’t a list that I can make.

  18. kat:

    1. health and love
    and they lead to
    2. happiness
    which leads me to
    3. fame and wealth (as a dancer, actress or writer)

    they’re all pretty equal

  19. Rachael:

    Happiness, love, health, money, and fame.

  20. Health -> Your health is your wealth. Good health trumps everything.

  21. Noemi:

    Happiness. love. health. money. fame

  22. Sara:

    Happiness, love, health, fame, money.

  23. Shen:

    Happiness health love fame money

  24. Ian:

    2. LOVE
    3. HEALTH
    4. MONEY
    5. FAME

  25. Catie:

    happiness, love, health, money, fame

  26. kelly:

    happiness health love money fame

  27. skyler:

    health, love, happiness, money, fame

  28. Jean:

    Happiness, health, love, money, fame

  29. blz:

    I would actually put money to the last place, because when you are happy and healthy and have love, you don’t need money.

    Also I would prefer fame over money, because it would allow me to have greater impact on world and I would be more remembered after I die.

    Thus: Happiness, health, love, fame, money.

  30. anonimus:

    Happines, love, health, money, fame.
    Why? because:
    why being healthy if you are not happy?
    why have someone to love you if you are not happy with that?
    why have money if you don’t have love and you are not happy?
    why have fame if you are not happy? (sorry, but like britney spears, still I love her..)
    being happy is the must important thing in life, because then, what’s worth living for?

  31. Ali:

    Happiness, Health, Love, Money, Fame

  32. Ashley:

    God. Happiness. Love. Health. Money. Fame.

  33. Alex:

    Happiness, Health, Love, Money, Fame

  34. Darky.:

    Health. Happiness. Love. Money. Fame.

  35. Bryan:

    Happiness, love, health, money, fame.

  36. Joey:

    happiness, health, love, money, fame

  37. Hotchkiss:

    Health, Love, Happiness, Money, Fame

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