Question 479

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  1. Heath:

    Making out with the woman I love.

    Also, quality margaritas 🙂

  2. b:

    being surrounded by my friends and my team

  3. Aaron:

    My friends, working out, eating healthy food, being productive or marking things off of my list of things to do, and being awesome.

  4. Angria:

    Writing a paper that fully conveys my thoughts and is exactly how I want it.
    And riding a good jump course with my horse.

  5. JJ:

    Escaping the world on the back of either of my two horses.

    Jumping my horses.

    Writing something I can be proud of.

    Hanging out with my sister and just talking.

    Playing around on the guitar or piano and having people think I know what I’m doing.

    Playing with kids.

  6. Sophie:


  7. Ana:

    Dancing and flying

  8. Drew:

    Watching a movie and cuddling with my boyfriend.

  9. A.A.:

    Creating and having other people acknowledge and enjoy my creations.

  10. Leila:

    Knowing people love me.

  11. Nic:

    The knowledge that I have a place to call home, and people who love me.

  12. Alley:

    Hugs from my boyfriend! He’s just one of those people that’s really good at giving hugs 🙂

  13. LaraC:

    Dan Brown and JRR Tolkien

  14. P:

    My boyfriend 😀

  15. Anne:

    various substances, writing comics with my friend, but most of all, music. I actually find it hard to control how happy and excited I am about music when I’m in my piano lesson. I just want to burst out laughing or run a lap around the building because it’s all clicking and it gives me hope for the future.

  16. Chris:

    when a plan B meets a plan J.

  17. pit:


  18. Mig:

    The smiles and laughter coming from my children.

  19. s.u.s.a.n:

    For me, it’s like taking a ‘HAPPY PILL.’

  20. alix:

    -laying in my boyfriends arms and listening to his heartbeat

  21. Rachel:

    The applause myself and my group receives after a performance.

  22. Lelio:

    Seeing and hearing an audience react to a play I am in. If they cry when they should, laugh when they should, and applaud when they should… Well, there’s no better feeling.

  23. Anonymous10:

    I feel great after work out (running, gym, playing badminton) or any form of exercise, being with family and friends, helping someone, sex, reading a good book, watching a good film/play, listening to my music, having a good night’s sleep, having new experience, meeting new people, waking up and seeing the sun shine and flattery always work on me 🙂

    I am very competitive too, so winning and accomplishments always make me feel great.

    And oh someone mention kids.. I also enjoy being around kids and they can be a handful but i always feel great around them especially my niece.

  24. Ana:

    To love.

  25. kat:

    exercising until I barely can move, talking with my best friends at 3 am, truly dancing and performing, getting straight A’s after spending the last week freaking out over my finals

  26. JLP:

    Simply using a sweater (too big) that my sister who lives 2000 miles away offered me.
    Run when it’s raining.
    Finish a screenplay.
    Wake up when the sun is rising and go have breakfast at a gas station with friendly workers unknown.
    Receiving a smile from an unexpected person.
    Doing something for a stranger.
    Discover something new.
    Sometimes looking in the mirror. (sorry, I’m narcissistic)

  27. Rolo:

    Spending time with my truly amazing boyfriend and
    Swimming in the rain in the sea 🙂

  28. Kate:

    Being alone relaxing and enjoying nature.

  29. Boy:


  30. Sarah:

    Going on a run and clearing my head

  31. Nick:

    Being motivated with music, among others.

  32. Shen:

    doing something different and fun

  33. Tiffy:

    Seeing my boyfriend once a year. Every year. Being with him even just that short amount of time….is euphoric.<3

  34. me!:

    Living life 🙂

  35. Catie:

    being in the water

  36. Kristy:

    Running with music. Or riding my bike and listening to music. There’s just something about the combination of music and exercise that is just perfect.

    This one certain mood I get into where I’m listening to music and I’m alone and it’s okay and I just feel.. I don’t know, I just feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. It’s hard to describe.


    A really great hug.

    A really hilarious or adorable scene with a favorite character in a show. There’s just some shows that I get so into that I burst out laughing at the awkwardness or a joke, or I’m jumping up and down for the character when something goes well… Something like that.

    Giving someone a compliment. No, I’m totally serious on this one. Getting a compliment is great too, but there’s just something about giving someone a compliment when they don’t expect it that I love. =]

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