Question 480

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  1. Nibor:

    Give 1/4 to each of my siblings and 1/4 to my girlfriend.

  2. anon:

    obviously the first thing i’d do is get my cash. next i’d invest in a diversified stock portfolio as well as a 401k with 80% of the winnings. the remaining 20 i’d divvy up between my parents buying a new computer and car as well as getting a nice apartment or small house and renovating it then i’d take my friends and family on an adventure around the world for as long as we wanted to. from there i’d live off of 25% of the interest i’d be making off investments and the remaining 75% would go to charity in whatever form i choose each time i get more money. im sure with that much cash youd be seeing some pretty awesome returns very quickly.

  3. Catie:

    get the hell outta here

  4. penny:

    Pay all of my families debt off. Pay off my families house, create a savings account for my future kids, and give each family member a few million.

  5. Kai:

    …forget my profession and go after what i really a house for my family…give to…lots and lots of travel 😀

  6. Kevin:

    Find a secluded beach somewhere and sit and watch the sunset. I would never, ever experience snow again. The weatherman says it is going to snow, I go back to the beach. I’d get out of dept, by a few classic cars, make sure my sons have enough for a college education, help out a few people who have helped me out along the way. Hire Jimmy Buffett for a private concert.

  7. Billy:

    pay off my car.
    give my parents some money.
    buy my own medium sized house with lots of land.

  8. kelly:


  9. Anya:

    buy 100 roses, go to a major part of where i live and hand out a rose to random people

  10. Matt:

    Convert it to £
    And then get the fuck away from life for a month or 2.

  11. Why?:

    None of that shit would be going to charity. Be real people. I’d buy my way into Harvard, and buy mass amounts of real estate on the New Jersey coastline. I’d Rent it out to summer vacationers make even more $, and never work another day at Costco in my life.

  12. Buy a new car and get the hell outta Dodge.

  13. Aoife:

    Go crazy. I mean, really, really, REALLY crazy. Kind of jumping around and doing my odd little happy dance for a few hours. Then I’d write a list. A list of important steps to take with this money, and then a list of things to do with said money. They’d include travelling as much as humanly possible, taking classes in loads of things, and experiencing the world. Then I’d set aside enough to cover college expenses for the remainder of my time there, as well as a fully furnished house and car and all that jazz. Then I’d give a substantial amount to my family, go on a mad shopping trip with my best friends, and then, donate a hell of a lot to cancer research in memory of my dad. The remainder, I’d split up evenly and give to the first homeless people I meet and tell them to turn their lives around.

    THEN, I think I’d bask in the sun in Italy for like…oh I dunno.

    A year. 🙂

  14. Copper:

    Buy my dad a new car. He’s spent his money buying me and my siblings all nice things while he drives around his truck that he’s had forever. He deserves it.

    Then I would go backpack all around Europe.

  15. Alex:

    Set up my mom and dad for retirement. Let them both retire RIGHT NOW.

  16. Joey:

    buy a car, motorcycle, smallish house, a few rare books i want, lots of wood tools, give $1000000 to my parents, give enough so the book store i work at doesnt close down and put the rest in the bank

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