Question 484

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  1. Angria:

    Leaving a voicemail on a stranger’s phone…I got nervous and kept stumbling over my words. I suck at calling people/leaving voicemails….I’m socially awkward in general and it just gets 10x worse when I am on the phone :/

  2. JJ:

    trying to explain to the cashier that the baby I was holding wasn’t mine. I’m a nanny and will often take the ten-month-old with me to do the grocery shopping. I’m 19 and people often assume that she’s mine. I get a lot of bad looks and mean comments, either to me or as I pass by. But the cashier was probably the most awkward because she wouldn’t believe me when I said I was just the nanny.

  3. nobody:

    i was told by my father to invite my neighbor’s kids for breakfast. my sister and i served breakfast to his two daughters and friend. i hardly speak or have a relationship with these girls, i’ve never met their friend in my life, and my father wasn’t home. you could say the preparation and entire ordeal was awkward.

  4. Dale:

    I scolded one of my students for being late for the third day in a row. And then I found out she’s been spending her mornings in the hospital, visiting her mom (who battling breast cancer) before she comes to school.

  5. P:

    I spent the day with my boyfriend’s friends and one of their girlfriends. He told me her name and as I called her several times she told me I was mispronouncing it. I felt like a right nut.

  6. unlucky as hell:

    A few weeks ago my mom walked in on me masturbating…

  7. s.u.s.a.n:

    I was talking to a business colleague and complaining to her about another colleague who is an engineer. I attributed his quirkiness to the fact that he was an engineer and I said . . . “you know how those engineer types are.” She responded by saying, “Yes, I do.” I’m an engineer.”

  8. .:

    Had to spend 3 hours alone with my best friend who I had an arguement with the night before.

  9. Rachel:

    I was backstage during our play and I pulled my friend to me to tell her something about a guy in our group. He was right behind us. Yay.

  10. Danni:

    My boyfriend recently grew a couple inches so when he went to kiss me, he missed. My best friend was with us and laughed hysterically.

  11. Anne:

    Trying to befriend my cousin’s girlfriend when he invited her to our family reunion :/ every time he left the room she was left to try and have a normal conversation with all of her boyfriend’s relatives.

  12. Anon:

    My girlfriend has one of THOSE names that can be pronounced two ways. I’ve been calling her one of them, thinking it was correct. We’ve been dating for half a year, and I found out four days ago that she would rather be called by the other pronunciation. Of course, I found out from her friend, not from her. I’m not sure what I should do now.

  13. Nick:

    Doing silly dances for our project, with strangers looking at us.

  14. Nibor:

    When my gilrfriend of four years told me she can’t handle this relationship because I am too young.

  15. anon:

    i took a girl out on a date and when i dropped her off i leaned in for a kiss but she just froze, so i just gave her a little smooch on the side of her lips and she looked so embarrassed i couldn’t help but start laughing just cause i thought it was so adorable. however she thought i was laughing at her and she ran off… :/

  16. Cat:

    I was at the mall with two of my other friends and a group of three guys came up to us and started talking to just my friends, telling them how they were beautiful and looked like Selena Gomez and taylor swift while i backed up into the corner which was filled with clearance Justin Beiber items.

  17. kelly:

    when i walked in the room right when my cousin found out his wife lost her job… awkwardddd.

  18. Megan:

    At the camp I go to, which is technically nerd camp, but that doesn’t matter, it’s custom when someone does something stupid (i.e. fall or drop a plate) in the cafeteria to clap ironically. My friend stepped up on a chair and fell so everyone at my table started clapping. It just so happened that at the same moment a kid started choking, so everyone thought we were clapping for the kid who was choking.

  19. anonimus:

    my brother saw me smoking 😐 he said, what are you doing with that cigarrete on your hand???? I was petrified….

  20. Ali:

    At the water rave on Saturday night the guy of my dreams asked me to hang out with him for the night and go to the after party with him. Unfortunately his ex was there and did everything possible to make him and I feel awkward among our friends, even though we didn’t do anything wrong and she had came there with one of his best friends. Raves are not for drama! It was much not appreciated.

  21. Emma:

    I unintentionally cock blocked my sister.

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