Question 485

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  1. bsf:

    a beautiful personality

  2. Angria:

    Being genuine and confident.

  3. JJ:

    being who they are

  4. L:

    Kindness, intelligence and good humor. 🙂

  5. Michelle:


  6. anonymous:

    “it’s love that makes us see beauty” -leo tolstoy

  7. Mdlan:

    to me its the way they treat others

  8. Ana:

    How much you like them

  9. Nina:

    The way they look at the world and how they treat others 🙂

  10. Blink:

    The beauty of their ‘soul’. Their indiviuality. Their kindness and humility

  11. Aaron:

    There’s a few things. Initially, I think “wow, that woman’s really attractive!” Then as I get to know the woman, I realize that she’s not stuck up, but instead is actually a really nice person as well. She’s confident with the way she looks, she doesn’t smoke, she knows how to laugh at herself, she is nice to others as well, and she knows how to have a great time. This woman is not just another attractive lady that I know, but instead, she’s beautiful.

  12. b:

    their eyes. no matter what kind of person, when you look into their eyes you can see who they really are

  13. LaraC:

    why makes????? aren’t we already?

  14. Heath:

    Health. A healthy body, and healthy mind make a beautiful person.

    I think everything else stems from that. Physically healthy people are usually quite wonderful to look at (if you’re not too restricted by bullshit cultural stereotypes). Mentally healthy people exercise their intelligence and usually indulge in a rich sense of humor. Healthy people also naturally exude the confidence that is an absolute necessity for beauty.

    It’s also important to be a healthy part of the world and culture around you. Treat people with respect and cultivate meaningful friendships.

  15. Ankita:

    Their real personality everyone’s nice inside the mean people are made mean no one can be born mean

  16. Anne:

    a smile

  17. Morgan:

    I’ve always thought that when the love that you have for others shine through you, then you are a truly beautiful person. A pretty face can be ruined by the ugliness within their hearts.

  18. Boy:


  19. Chelsea:

    Being genuine. If a person has the most gorgeous face on earth but a phony personality, all you see is artificial stuff. When a person is average looking but the personality shines through with honesty and kindness, he/she will be the most beautiful person on earth.

  20. TC:

    Their character

  21. Maya:


  22. Rae:

    I’m not gonna lie. Physical attraction is a lot to me. But the second I see you have a bad attitude you could be the most hideiouse person in the world.

  23. Grac(ie):

    Their soul.
    “Beauty is an omnipresence of death and loveliness, a smiling sadness that we discern in nature and all things, a mystic communion that the poet feels.”
    -Charlie Chaplin

  24. somebody:

    being comfortable within their own skin

  25. randomteen:

    smile, kindness and health 🙂

  26. Rachel:

    I agree with the quote “It’s love that makes us see beauty”

  27. Alaina:

    Their character and how they view and treat other people.

  28. P:

    The glisten in their eyes when they look at you with eyes full of love. The smile they wear which, as well as being able to lighten up a street, can also make you smile and feel the warmth in their heart. Or, just my boyfriend 🙂

  29. Danielle:

    Their personality and who they are on the inside.

  30. the reflection of his or her soul

  31. TR:

    Their laugh.

  32. Nick:

    Their personality.

  33. shen:

    a reflection of what you want to see in yourself

  34. Nibor:

    Their looking and personality

  35. me!:

    When they have a trait (personality-wise) that a lot of people don’t have, like being slow to get angry.

  36. anon:

    being themselves*

    *but only if being themselves means being open, honest, understanding and being truly kind at heart.

    also a fat ass and nice titties and not having a busted looking face. those things too. but not only. they do help..

  37. Rayton:

    honest and self confidence.

  38. LT:

    Their smile :]

  39. Carms:

    Ones personality and the love you have for all around you

  40. Catie:

    a persons inner self… yes it is good to have a nice outer appearance but really its what on the inside that counts.

  41. erika:


  42. kelly:

    shining from within

  43. Sparkling eyes.

  44. Jean:

    Personality, able to be confident but not obnoxious.
    Funny, but serious.
    Adventurous and kind, and their talents.

  45. HAPPI FAMILY!!!!

  46. Amalie:

    When they smile

  47. Jomar:

    Attitude or Personality.

  48. Ali:

    The perfect balance of confidence and modesty.
    As well as a genuine positive outlook on life and the people around them.

  49. Alex:

    An amazing loving personality.
    (Beautiful eyes help too :))

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