Question 490

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  1. Aaron:


  2. anonymous:

    videochatting/skype/other like things. I was in an accident when I was younger that ruined my vocal cords and left me mute. My fiance has never cared, and obviously fell in love with me anyway, but he goes to school six hours away. We used to just text and write, both online and snailmail, and sometimes he would call and talk to me, even though I can’t talk back. But with the recent technology, we are able to see each other and have live conversations. It’s amazing…if I can’t be with him while we finish up school, I’m glad we have this. I feel so blessed.

  3. Angria:

    The iPod. The thing literally is attached to my hand or somewhere within reach 24/7. I’m on my third one in about 8 or 9 years because I listen to it everyday. I live out my emotions through music and the ipod is much more convenient than carrying my portable CD and spare batteries.

  4. Nick:

    A lot of technology advances has happened during my lifetime. Can’t really name a few. There’s just a lot. 🙂

  5. Chris:


  6. Drew:


  7. bsf:

    i think it’s sad that some people’s answers are about technology. there have been many medical advances during my lifetime that have helped save lives, and that’s really amazing

  8. mac1:


  9. b:

    mechanically powered prosthetics which allow people who have lost a limb to take part in normal life.

  10. originalvisage's new first name:

    imaginohistorica. totally useful.

  11. K:

    Internet – where I met my husband in an itch chatroom 15 years ago, & mp3 players because music has saved my life from the constant pain & fatigue I endure daily.

  12. K:

    *internet chatroom not itch (auto correct! )

  13. randomteen:


  14. Life:

    Video Games. Allows us to release stress.

  15. Rachel:

    the idea to demolish ignorance

  16. Leila:

    something to do with the immediate connections technology gives us now… i can look something up on the internet in a heartbeat, call from a phone that’s not attached to anything whenever i need to, be paged instantly, send a digital message to another person in seconds…i basically can connect with almost anyone i need to almost instantaneously, at essentially any time or place. it’s truly incredible, and invaluable for so many reasons.

  17. Ankita:

    well the ipad and how you can dance with no remote

  18. Teh interwebz.

  19. Catie:

    CELL PHONE thank god for cell phones

  20. Brenna:

    The iPod. I do listen to music without mine but if I couldn’t listen to it whenever and wherever I wanted I might not be around here any more. Music has helped save me from myself more than the people around me.

  21. sam:

    im with the IPOD crew here, an extension of myself that little white box

  22. Hope:

    Gotta be a flush toilet!

  23. Ivana:


  24. jay:

    google (:

  25. Namgay:

    Facebook 😀

  26. I like big butts and i cannot lie its something i will not deny OHHHHHHH BABY

  27. AM:

    digital camera!!!

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