Question 505

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  1. Sheri:

    Go on a roller coaster!!

  2. Bailey:

    Skinny dipping with my friends.
    I did it for the memories, and it was fun, but I will never ever do it again. Ever. lol

  3. Drew:

    I’m not deep right now, but I did the saltine challenge today and that blew. So that. But also, half the stuff I do isn’t worth doing again. I mean, it’s fucking exhilarating but no, terrible ideas!
    Makes for the best stories though, don’t they?

    “And we’re definitely going to Hell, But we’ll have all the best stories to tell.”

  4. sarah:

    be the pathetic one after a break up. never, never again. no matter how bad it hurts. i will always hold my head up from now on

  5. kp:

    I will never ever give someone who cheats on me a second chance again. Forget chances. He won’t hear from me, hear about me, see me, or talk to me ever again. Not making that mistake again.

  6. .:

    Drink drive…

  7. Aaron:

    get caught by the police for doing something wrong…

  8. Nic:

    Spend 36 months straight on a ship.

  9. Heath:

    There are a few people who I’ve given chances to (but usually more than once) that I would never make the mistake of doing again.

    I can’t really think of anything that I’ve only done once that I’d never do again! Wow. I usually repeat my mistakes, or I avoid them before I even start.

  10. Kelly:

    knowingly hurt someone i love

  11. Emmy:

    I hope I’ll never get married again. I’m married to the love of my life, and I hope to spend the rest of our lives together.

  12. Laila:

    Overthink things and ignore my intuition…

  13. M:

    Live for the devil

  14. I will never let a failure or mistake stop me from pushing forward!

  15. sasha:


  16. Megan:

    I dug my thumbnail into my arm. I’ve done it before, but the last time I did it deeper and more times. I never bled but I came close. Close enough that I now have have a scab on my arm. I promised my friends I wouldn’t do it again, and I hope I won’t, but I might do it again one day.

  17. Kat:

    forgive someone who cheated on me. Let myself be abused and used.
    I’m going to only trust a few amount of people from now on.

  18. Rachel:

    Go on a rollercoaster

  19. curlyhairedmonster:

    Act pathetic when I have a stupid crush on someone -.-‘

  20. LaraC:

    camping with school

  21. Rebecca:

    i can’t say what i WILL never do, as i don’t know how the circumstances of my life are changing, and i don’t know if at some point i will have a different mindset or be weak and do the thing i said i wouldnt. I HOPE i will never again hurt myself physically, ditch a friendship because they go to college and we become more distant, handle a gun, and go to school solely because i think that is what oher poeple want me to do.

  22. pit:


  23. Kris:

    give people more then one second chance….

  24. Jessica:

    I will never look at someone and think that I am better than them, because I dont know who they are and I dont know what they have done or what has happened to them.

  25. vcm:

    Well, they always say “have no regrets,” but of course there are always things that you wish you may not entirely change, but could do things differently, coming with a better outcome.

  26. anonymous:

    once i entertained the thought of killing myself. never again. I was made for a purpose, He has things for me to do and there are people who need my love-even when I don’t feel loved, I am. Never again will I think about suicide. There is too much to live for.

  27. pnog:

    Tell someone in a relationship that I love them when I really don’t mean it.

  28. Maya:

    Ill never get that drunk again.

  29. wee:

    Bullying someone when I was like 10. I didn’t know about bullying at that time and when I think back, I felt guilty

  30. penny:

    Run around the car in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway………yeah a concussion and a largely regretted fine later i still laugh about it with the person i did it with.

  31. Morgan:

    Hook up with more then one person at a time. It happened over a year ago, and I still get made fun of.

  32. nicole:


  33. Sylerxen:

    I can’t truly say I won’t do certain things knowing that I might never know. You have to expect the unexpected. But for real, I’d never underestimate ANYTHYING. ever again. And I’ll never truly trust anyone again except my mother. I dont care if I’ve loved that person for years to come, I will never trust or underestimate them.

  34. Grac(ie):

    purposefully ignore any form of communication: IM, text and phone call especially.

  35. Unnur:

    Go back to him.

  36. Julia:

    Come out as too desperate to a guy I like.

  37. Megan:

    take spanish class

  38. anonimus:

    believe him and give him another chance.

  39. Rayton:

    volunteeer too far away from home.It´s just impractical and lowers the chances to stay in the place for longer periods.

  40. Ali:

    Rely solely on one person and lose my identity as an individual.

  41. Jessica:

    Wow… the last person who commented (Ali) said my answer exactly, before I even realized that was my answer.

  42. Sara:

    have sex with someone just because.. well.. i don’t even know..

  43. Glinda:


  44. lindsey:

    having the feelings of self-hatred,worthlessness and wanting to end it all…

  45. Emma:

    Lose the 2 closest people to me over something as stupid as a scholarship.

  46. Ashley:

    Tell a guy that I don’t like that i do like him.

  47. I will never lay down on some train tracks! POOPULES oh yes

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