Question 508

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39 Responses to “Question 508”

  1. kevin cleaver:

    Polls and rhetorical questions.

  2. Aaron:


  3. productivity.

    you know other than live as efficient as we can, we also have a life to live, better really enjoy it out 😉

  4. sarah:

    lady gaga

  5. Angria:

    The internet/technology. I sometimes wish it was never invented because my attention span is next to zero now!

  6. Drew:

    Christianity and having a penis.

  7. m:

    The pursuit of happiness. (No, not the movie.)

  8. kristen:

    Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

  9. Inge:


  10. Dale:


  11. kp:

    All of the material things in this world, to be honest. We hold onto possessions until we become incapable of detaching ourselves. In truth, no material thing should be given as much importance as the people in our lives. We can survive without a camera, ipod, computer, etc. We tend to forget that a lot.

  12. bsf:

    definitely technology…..

  13. zoe:


  14. Laura:

    iPads and smartphones

  15. Firefly:

    Lady Gaga and the words “Cool” and “Awesome”

  16. Laila:

    Porn and half of the modern day “actresses” eg Miley, Kristen etc etc

  17. utterly and completely:


  18. Leila:


  19. Kris:

    being normal

  20. pnog:

    I was going to just say sex, but I agree with other people’s comments about technology and money as well.

  21. Mandy:

    Rich people

  22. AJT:

    perfection. I am satisfied with contenment.

  23. Rachel:


  24. Annie:

    Musicians. They don’t even have talent anymore, so what’s the point?

  25. Debbie:

    I agree with ‘m’: the pursuit of happiness.

  26. S:

    romantic love

    why do I need a girl/boy-friend when I have such amazing friends?

  27. Lizzy:

    Celebrities and gay-ness. Seriously people—celebs are just regular people, and what’s it to you if someone’s gay? It’s their life; not yours so why care about it so much?

  28. Life:

    Style. Why should it matter what i wear.? I am who i am.

  29. Lynnie:

    Being normal and what people think.

  30. Morgan:

    Being skinny.

  31. LaraC:

    being right, having a good answer

  32. nicole:

    the word legit.

  33. Dennis:


  34. Julia:

    Coldplay, Nickleback, and Bieber.

  35. Megan:

    being perfect, and expectations. people expect so much out of something so little, its not worth it. just be what you want and not what others want.

  36. Rayton:

    The importance of other people’s thoughts about you and shopping.

  37. Ali:

    Fitting in.

  38. Ashley:

    Harry Potter.

  39. Alex:

    Jersey Shore…

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