Question 511

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  1. Another girl:

    Something about me being on an honor roll from high school and of course my mom’s obituary. Gosh I miss her.

  2. Teresa:

    Wikipedia page of the saint I`m named after

  3. My given name or my adopted name?

  4. Angria:

    Some of the horse shows I was in and my placings.

  5. S:

    A fashion model from America (not me.)

  6. Nic:

    A CEO from America (not me)

  7. d:

    A letter I wrote to a magazine editor that got published and I didn’t know it! How exciting!!

  8. Panda:

    Most of the internet accounts I’ve made, mentions in high school news, facebook, email alerts, past competitions, a mayor with the same name, name listings and a business with the same namesake…

  9. Ana:

    The 3rd and 4th links are grades from university… the others have nothing to do with me…

  10. Rachel:

    my facebook page and all kinds of links where i commented lol

  11. Me! My art, and my website πŸ™‚

  12. Gracie:

    A random obituary from chicago…

  13. R Smith:

    Lots of other people with the same or similar names.

  14. Teriana:

    A few obituaries I’m listed in. & a ton of dance competition placements, performances& such. Nothing to my grand surprise.

  15. midnight poet:

    My athletic achievements (times and placements), academic achievements (best results in my school for overseas examinations and an essay competition I won) and videos I posted about my aquarium. Occasionally, Chanel No. 5 perfume pops up πŸ™‚

  16. bsf:

    stuff from the temple website, from school newsletters, camp performances, and a bunch of other stuff that’s not me…. πŸ™‚

  17. Evelyn Killeen:

    A secondary school teacher from limerick who became an actress! πŸ™‚

  18. pit:

    an actor

  19. Some cemetery thing.

  20. ???:

    William and Kate’s wedding? Katherine Heigl? Random models? A cosmetics line and… an Anime infant??? what the heck???

  21. Laila:

    My blog, Facebook, links I’ve commented on. My name is pretty rare so no random stuff

  22. Rachel:

    Tons of people on facebook, myspace, bebo and the like. None of them me.

  23. My Facebook page and then papers I’m an author on. Pretty cool ….

  24. Laura:

    A couple of people on Facebook with the same name as me. Some German author. Basically a bunch of people from Germany who have my last name. The only thing that shows up that’s actually related to me is a list of honor roll students from my high school. Bahahaha, and there’s one picture of me from a musical that I was in during high school. xD

  25. vcm:

    Our Catholic Newman Club Team for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life!

  26. Silvana:

    Just my name on a list of students that belongs to the school I recently graduated from, and again my name in a list of graduated students in the newspaper. Nothing else.

  27. abbey:

    A bibliography of my dad (a well-published surgeon)….which surprisingly includes my and my sister’s full names, birthdays, hometown, and full current address. Creepy. Not something I want available online.

  28. Danielle:

    My University Scholars Profile

  29. Grac(ie):

    a profile on a people search site that I didn’t make and can’t figure out how to delete, my facebook and an account that I deleted a few months ago. Wonder why its not down yet.

  30. Riddle:

    A ton of FB and such profiles that aren’t mine. It’s kinda creepy because one says “In loving memory of [my name] which is odd. My twitter comes up though.

  31. Sadies:

    A bunch of facebook pages I liked, some honor roll things from Middle school, the article that was written by a local newspapge and my picture from when I won homecoming attendant sophomore year (last year)

  32. anonimus:

    A random facebook user.. I feel special now, lol

  33. letters to the editor, blog comments, my blog . . .

  34. Jesica:

    A bunch of facebooks/myspaces of other girls with my full name, except theirs is spelled with two ‘s’s.

  35. Emily:

    A teenager who died from an ATV accident.

  36. Theodore J. Lyons Jr.:

    My father comes up along with his Criminal Sexual Assault record and links to the Michigan Sex Offender List. It pretty much haunts my life. Even though it happened before I was born.

  37. Jessica:

    facebook… google plus… then a bunch of websites that have my Cross Country and Track results on them

  38. Isuel:

    fb, google plus, twitter, linkedin n stuff..mentions of high school etc..

  39. Cyovit:

    vitamins (Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C)

  40. Joey:

    chemistry papers my dads written, im a jr

  41. Lucille(Lucy):

    Well if I use my actual name Lucille (eww), stuff about Lucille Ball & other old/dead people pops up (much respect to them all) but if I type the name I actually use (Lucy), my old twitter/myspace accounts pop up..none of my new ones though unfortunately. And there’s also stuff about my freshman track times from last year, though I wish I would’ve consistently practiced so that I wouldn’t have such mediocre times. Hopefully I can change that this year. I’m assuming this question was meant to address the fact that most of us haven’t done anything special in our lives, so we’re not recognized..& that it should motivate us to do something meaningful so that our names will get out there..? Because that’s what I’m getting from it.

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