Question 24

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  1. Yes, I would.
    I have thought a lot about this, and the sentence “I’d die for you” seems inadequate.
    Because I would die for almost everyone, but there are very very few people I would kill for.
    If it was someone I truly loved, then it would not matter how big a crime it was, it would be worth it.
    But there’s many aspects of this. Because if it required me to kill or risk innocent people, then I wouldn’t do it. I would risk my own life without hesitation, and have myself thrown in jail, but I wouldn’t risk the lives of innocent others.

  2. It depends on the law, truthfully. Would I rape or murder babies, well, no. Would I rob a bank and cause someone to believe their life might have been over? I’d like to say so, but it all depends on the amount of love I have for the person I’m saving. I would hate to know I might have caused someone to live in fear after a traumatic incident of a gun in their face, despite it saying someone I love.

  3. if by breaking law, i would seriously harm other people, i won’t love in that selfish way.
    there are many ways to love someone and i will choose one that not involves sacrificing others.
    even i can’t save my loved ones,i will love and support him/her in every possible ways i can.

    if by breaking law, i would only cause minor inconvenience to others and myself, then i will save my guy.
    and after that i will try my very best to make up the inconvenience i caused to others, fulfill my duties by the law.

  4. Always, definitely, with no doubt

  5. Mark:

    Absolutely, without a doubt

  6. Scipio:

    Absolutely, without question. I would sacrifice anything or anyone to save those I love.

  7. HELL YES!!!1

  8. Elemental:

    Love trumps law, every time. I would also willingly sacrifice my own life to save the life of someone I love, especially my daughter.

  9. amber:

    no doubt.

  10. Kayane:

    In a heartbeat.

  11. suraiya:

    yes…i would.

  12. Mallory:

    Depends on what the crime is I’m commiting and if it’s going to harm other people.
    But,If I truly loved the person then yes I would.

    I like how Kristine put it into words! 🙂

  13. Steven:

    Of Course I would. If to save means to save their life.

  14. bobby:


  15. does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?

  16. Josh:

    This is not a question of “Would” for me. I have. I have gotten in serious trouble in the past when I was helping to stop a friend of his addictions and I have been charged with assault after protecting a group of girls I was with. Given the circumstances I would do it again every time.

  17. no questions asked.

  18. Tiff:


  19. April:

    I want to say yes.

  20. Phenethylamine:

    in a heartbeat…

  21. Chrys:

    Most likely, yes.

  22. Evan:

    Anytime, any place, no matter what the circumstances were, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  23. Conor:

    Does depend on which law…

    Would you drive 35mph in a 30 zone to get to them fast enough to save them?… yeh, i dont think anyone wouldn’t. Would you rape 10 small girls (and boys? o.O)? Probably not.

    In general, I would have no problem breaking the law to save a loved one. However, a better question is “Would you act immorally to save the life of a loved one?” and that makes for better discussion, a lot of people have moral absolutes. It’s the level of morality involved that counts, not the law.

  24. fenixdemilo:

    I would want to say yes. But in all honesty, I’m not sure whether I would, not because I didn’t care about them, but because of the confidence it takes to do something like that. probably why ive been single this long haha

  25. Aimee:


  26. Amanda:

    It depends on the law, but I probably would

  27. Scott:

    No. My surrounding isn’t worth the trouble.

  28. Ris:

    Without a doubt I would

  29. Alice:

    I would, nomatter the law or how severe the punishment, I would do anything to save her. If those feelings are returned, that would be a surprized. Nothing would keep me from her. I would take a bullet for her, just because she is who she is.

  30. West:

    I would do absolutely everything in my power to save someones life. Some things in this life, I don’t know if I could do it but I would try my best. so yes, I would.

  31. RubenRybnick:

    it depends on the situation and law.

  32. Nick:

    Yes, anything for my loved ones.

  33. Nic:

    Yes, in almost every case; I draw the line at harming an innocent person, though.

  34. Kat:

    Absolutely, without a doubt, every single time

  35. Nibor:


  36. Villads:

    I would kill for some of my loved ones

  37. Michael Hitchcock:


    I’ve always been more concerned with justice than with the law.

  38. Kristen Deneuve:

    Yes. A dozen times yes.

  39. Joey:

    in a heartbeat, not sure if this is weird but ive thought about this a lot

  40. Rowena:

    If I couldn’t do the right thing to save a loved one… then why live? If THEY don’t matter… then why should I?

  41. AM:


  42. chichay:

    of course there is nothing more important than my love ones

  43. Heidi:

    Yes! Who wouldn’t?

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