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  1. Haey:

    Some of the stupid decisions that some of them make. In general though, they are to help protect the public, and that’s important.

  2. sarah:

    theres not enough patrolling the ghetto area i live in. there can always be more here, and theres too many of them in the surrounding suburbs

  3. Nikki:

    In general, I like police officers. In some countries I visit, they are very corrupt, but in most countries they are very helpful and do a difficult job as well as they can.

  4. kp:

    The inconsistency. I don’t think it’s fair for people with “connections” to be able to get out of paying their tickets, etc.

  5. Tiffany:

    Inconsistent punishment as mentioned before.

  6. Helen le Roux:

    In South Africa, their corruption

  7. rwena sants:

    The way they treat everyne as if they are ignrant , violent animals.

  8. Rachel:

    that sometimes they are bad or stupid people given too much power.

  9. Firefly:

    I think they try to do the best they can – it’s not their fault some people are raised as animals and act like it! But probably corruption and in some cases unfairness.

  10. Aussiecraig:

    That there is the potential for abuse of power…that someone I once knew with a serious mental illness managed to make it through the tests and the basic training…the several beatings I took during my teenage years from them in Frankston, Victoria Australia…

  11. Kevin:

    Police officers are all different, some bad, some good, but people seem to look at them as one. When a officer does something good or courageous the public goes about their business thinking well thats their job but if they make one mistake then all of a sudden every officer is abusive or on a power trip or corrupt. They will lay down their lives for the people that bad mouth them. Doesn’t make sense.

  12. Danielle:

    How stuck up and cocky and above the law they think they are

  13. sbjsiahskq:

    The fact that children or teenagers really don’t have any rights. They have all these laws that are supposed to protect minors, but when it comes down to it, police ALWAYS side with the adult of the house.

  14. pnog:

    It’s not really the police officers’ fault, but I hate that the laws in most countries make drugs like marijuana illegal. The police spend lots of time and money on “fighting” drugs when the vast majority of experienced officers believe making them legal would reduce crime and just be better overall.

  15. olga:

    this obviously only applies to some, but:

    police brutality.

    it’s disgusting. all of the stories that i hear about police abuse of power – beating, tasering people and killing them – are just infuriating to hear. it makes you wonder what kind of training these people go through, and what kind of punishments they get. IMO police brutality, especially the cases that lead to death, should be fired, fined, and sent to jail.

  16. TC:

    They are never around when you need them

  17. Dale:

    I’ve seen some police enjoy their power too much and that can lead to just bullying. But a lot of them and really fantastic.

  18. Benj:

    The police preserve the status quo.

  19. Rachel:

    They abuse their authority and power, some do anyway.

  20. Big Brother:

    Brutality and abusing power 🙁

  21. I don’t trust them

  22. Emmy:

    I don’t like the fact that people stereotype them all the time. They have one bad experience with one cop, and they let that experience color their opinion of every officer. I know lots of men and women who are brave, honest, courageous officers who offer their lives to protect people they don’t even know. Of course there are plenty of corrupt officers, too, but that’s only because every officer is a person. Being an officer don’t lessen (or enhance) their personhood. Don’t forget that every officer has the same capacity as every other person to make a difference for good or for bad, and that you really can’t judge a profession by one person.

  23. TP:

    It’s true what they say–the police ranks draw from the criminal classes. Police tend to abuse their power. The police force is a complete boy’s club, and, as a woman, I simply do not feel safe around them one bit. I should feel that I could turn to them if I needed help, say, if a male attacked me. And yet, police often overlook such crimes, and would probably just cheer on the offender.

  24. Grac(ie):

    I don’t really have a problem with police officers. Sure, there might be corruption and abuse of power out there, but not every one is like that.
    I guess the only thing that really bothers me is how little patrol and attention rural areas like where I live get. We could really benefit from officers driving down my street every once in a while.

  25. madeline:

    abuse of power.

  26. Megan:

    they abuse their power

  27. I do not like them mis-abusing their power! Actually being a cop, at least a local one, doesn’t mean much anymore these days. They just do what they are told to do and it ain’t what’s best for you.

    I often wonder, when their’s a revolution going on, why these police men are heavily armed with a helmet on their head, in one hand a bat and in the other hand a shield or a teaser, throwing tear-gas granites to the public, while most of the time the people are fighting for a very good reason. Those police men live in the same country, in the same conditions/circumstances right? And they are fighting their own citizens? Don’t they take an oat, protecting their country and the citizens who live in it? They should turn around and fight together with the people instead of against.

    Can you imagine, hitting one of your own citizens on the head with a bat, while you took an oath to protect them?

    I’m not saying all is bad, they are necessary but not in the way they are/do now!
    In my opinion, it’s all about controlling and manipulation of the public, while the rich laugh at us cause they have their power and their luxury, getting richer and richer and the poor just keep getting poorer and poorer. Is that what a republic or a democracy is about?

  28. Sadies (From USA):

    Everything. They are power hungry, uneducated, uncompassionate, assholes who have no respect for human life and only care about their pay checks. I will never respect them or anything they stand for, and will for sure teach my chilren the same thing.

  29. Jessica:

    Luckily I haven’t had any encounters with any… so I can’t say I dislike them. They just make me nervous.. just because I don’t want a ticket or anything

  30. Julia:

    How intimidated I feel when I’m around them. Also, that they spend too much time making sure teenagers don’t do anything stupid, but if you call them because of an emergency they take forever to get to the location and don’t do anything.

  31. Matt:

    Don’t get me wrong I think the police are great, but the only thing that upsets me about them is they see a teenager walking around at 1.30 in the morning and they assume the worst. Even if said teenager is just trying to get home late at night they stop and make you feel intimidated when your doing absolutley nothing wrong.

  32. Andreia:

    Hmmmm one bunch of people controlled by another bunch of people who are controlled by a law that is written to benefit the other type of person.

  33. dick:

    there rude

  34. Alex:

    That they take advantage of their authority and hurt citizens.

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