Question 528

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  1. Morgan:

    New York, because when I’m the it feels like I can do anything and become anyone.

  2. Emmy:

    Grants Pass Oregon. I think part of my heart will always be out on the rapids of the Rogue River.

  3. London. It’s my second home, it represents freedom, culture and acceptance. It’s where my close friends live, where I fell in love and had heaps of fun. Given the chance, I would go there every summer in a heartbeat. So it breaks my heart to see what’s happening there where communities are being destroyed out of greed. For what? New trainers, laptops, TV’s……

  4. midnight poet:

    New York because its very interesting and Basseterre because its full of history.

  5. Kris:

    state college, pennsylvania (aka happy valley) best place on earth, the only place where i know i belong

  6. Aaron:

    Detroit! Because I’m from around that area. 😀

  7. Cory:

    Portland Oregon..I live 20 miles away and Portlands Motto is “Keep Portland Weird!” and it is a very green town With tons of bicyclist.

  8. kp:

    NYC. You can find every kind of person here depending on what part you go to. It really is a melting pot. I love the variety of culture that the city has to offer.

  9. slk:

    Cape Town! if you have been there, you will understand!

  10. dev:

    San Francisco.

    It’s hip, filled with intelligent people from all walks of life, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful topography in the United States.

  11. Javier:

    Paris because i can walk there all day!!!! and the ambiance is great!

  12. s.u.s.a.n:

    Austin, TX cuz it’s Weird

  13. jkg:

    dallas, tx because its my home. great food, great partying, great people.

  14. Lizzie:

    Guayaquil, because is my home <33

  15. Vivian:

    Tiberias, Israel My home away from home

  16. Mike:

    Florence, because art, history, architecture and gelato combine to make my Happy Place.

  17. Jay:

    New York City, because not only can you find anything and everything and anyone, everything is deliverable. And I mean everything. On top of that, the spirit is beautiful and confident, and evident through each of the New Yorkers you meet.

  18. Drew:

    Portland, Oregon number one. My dad is a pilot so I fly free and have gotten to go half way across the world twice over. Portland is my absolute favorite city in the world just because I belong. I’ve never gotten of a bus, plane anything and looked around and felt like I was home until I went to Portland. It’s beautiful, the city, the people, the life. I can’t get enough.

    San Francisco, number two. San Francisco is breath taking. The people are incredibly nice and the beach by the waterfront has become my favorite spot in the entire world. You can sit for hours watching that sun go down over the water. I love it and I miss it.

    St. Clairsville, Ohio, number three. For personal reasons this makes the medal. I miss the times we had there. It was a good time in my life.

    Honorable mention: All of Canada.

  19. Drew:

    Along with the entire island of Kaua’i, Hawaii.

  20. pnog:

    It depends on my mood, but Praque is definitely up there. I loved the food, beautiful women and nice people, gorgeous scenery and fun parties. That being said I was only there 2 days so it’s hard to say I got an accurate impression.

  21. abbey:

    San Francisco, because I met so many inspiring, amazing people there, and I have so many great memories from there. And I love that it has so many different cultures and things to experience-it’s never boring.

    Poipu in Kaua’i, because when I was there, it was the first time I truly felt peaceful in years. And it has a million cute guys ;P

  22. Rachel:

    London! It’s so full of life!

  23. thereallytruebelievereverhereandthere:

    yo, wherever you are, because you’re there.

  24. thereallytruebelievereverhereandthere:

    i mean, maybe not you, specifically, or wait, you, but really specifically…

  25. Jim:

    Chicago: it’s got everything, except a good baseball team on the north side of town.

  26. Anonymous:

    New Orleans. When I’m there I feel connected to the past, a part of the present and building the future. The streets are literally alive with performers and artists of every kind. I’ve been around the world and it is the only place to which I wish to return. (:

  27. sarah:

    i love philly because its everything ive ever called home. i spent my whole life wanting to escape and come here, and now that im here i never want to leave

  28. I’d have to say, I haven’t seen my favorite city yet..

    Not in person anyways.

  29. Mary:

    San Francisco, because it’s where I met my husband.

    He stopped me from jumping off of the Golden Gate.

  30. Maia:

    Trieste. It’s a quaint beautiful city, more Austrian than Italian, and located in the most breathtaking place. You can swim in the sea, and then drive to the Alps and ski in one hour.

  31. mas:

    i love nyc! so many things to see and do. a city that’s full of energy.

  32. Aly:

    Rome. Everybody on the streets carries a secret that we all know, but we don’t. There’s something so intimate and personal and wonderful about Rome.

  33. Kara:

    Denver. The endless energy

  34. Alison:

    Rockford, it’s so small and dainty, and all of the people there are so friendly. There’s so much to do and see and in the winter time it makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale.

  35. Dimitri:

    Ithaca, NY. It is small but perfectly formed.

  36. Jessica:

    I don’t think I’ve found it. My hometown obviously has a special place in my heart- calabasas, ca. And college station, tx is amazing because I’m learning so much about myself there… But I don’t think I’ve found that place where it just feels like I belon there. Austria… Salzberg… I loved so much, but because of it’s breathtaking views. I wouldn’t be able to live there I don’t think though. I’m hoping that someday I’ll find that place that I never want to leave. Honestly though, I think it’s all about who I’m with that’s ever going to really matter.
    Wow sorry, I kinda rambled on that one.

  37. Julia:

    My favorite city is Quebec because it has a vibe to it that just relaxes me, and keeps me at pure bliss. The culture of the town is very French, yet it’s close to home in Canada. The city is beautiful and the shops are unique and quirky. It’s very festive and fun, and it stays that way all year long. I guess it kind of pulls towards my personality.

  38. Grac(ie):

    Boise, Idaho. (Boy-see NOT Boy-zee)
    I’m from the Boise area, born and raised. Boise is home.
    Maybe there is a city out there that I like better, but I just haven’t found it yet.

  39. sasha:

    i love savannah, georgia. the historic feel of the town, the musuems and the cobblestone streets. i love it.

  40. Toledo, Ohio. I’m from Texas but feel at home there.

  41. Rayton:

    London! It’s a beautiful city, full of history and interesting facts. It is a center of fulture, fashion and economy, it is huge and offers anything one might want to get, it has huge parks and cool weather.. just wonderful.

  42. lindsey:


  43. Amazi:

    Wrocław, polish city with open people and amazing architecture. When I’m there I feel the city with every cm of my body…

  44. Copper:

    Florence, Italy. When I was there it made me feel at peace with everything. Such a beautiful place. I love all the history in Italy.

  45. Alex:

    Chicago. The variety of food 🙂 haha i love food <3

  46. Bryan:

    Omaha. My home.

  47. Sofi:

    Helsinki, Finland.
    I love the clean appearance that it has, the safety of walking home at 4 am, the sun in summer days, the boats to suomelinna, Stockman, the recreation park, the history, the cathedral, the library… I just love everything about it <3

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