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  1. Jake:

    My daily routine that involves nothing exciting or out of the ordinary 🙁 … Oh, and society’s never ending quest to break my spirit.

  2. feel sleepy when I am still eager to do more 😉

    but I am learning to let it go, allow myself to sleep piggy well and do things with full energy^^

  3. Heather:

    I am getting tired of laughing when I want to cry. Having a father who doesn’t act like one.

    What I am not tired of is friends who text me daily to make sure I am alright. A dog who makes me smile every time I look at her. And my guardian angel that I can’t see, but I know mom is always watching over me. =)

  4. Melissa:

    I’m getting tired of constantly feeling like I need to do more. I’m starting to grow afraid of spending my entire life waiting for myself to become accomplished.

  5. Ali:

    I am tired of being used. Don’t lead me on, I deserve better.

  6. pinkycarrot:

    being fat and failing in school

  7. I am tired of the konstant lack of money.

  8. V3nD1:

    Retarded people.

  9. Alison:

    I’m getting tired of hypocritcal actions I see in myself and in others around me.

  10. Sar:

    The relentless pace of my life.

  11. Kris:

    i getting tired of time flying by, its not fair i want to freeze these moments and live in them forever

    i’m also tired of people who aren’t forever, if you don’t want to be in my life just leave me alone!!!

  12. bsf:

    getting tired of all the pain and things not going as planned or as i wanted.

  13. Hearing myself whinge. I forget that most of the world’s population would gladly take on whatever it is I whine about – when they are libing in abjext poverty, in war torn countries, under a dicatatorship, under a government who scorn women’s rigths or simply a collapsed econmony with more thatn 10% unemployment. We Aussie’s have a lot to be grateful for, but at times forget.

  14. (with correct spelling this time!)

    Hearing myself whinge. I forget that most of the world’s population would gladly take on whatever it is I whine about – when they are living in abject poverty, in war torn countries, under a dictatorship, under a government who scorn women’s rights or simply a collapsed economy with more than 10% unemployment. We Aussie’s have a lot to be grateful for, but at times forget.

  15. LAX:

    My never ending dissertation.

  16. Being on my own when I want a ‘love of my life’. Tried many ways to find her and tried doing nothing except being me but still she hasn’t appeared. So I’m also tired of people saying, ‘It will happen one day’ (for the last decade) and seeing all manner of nice and not so nice people partnered. I’m tired of love not knowing where I am.

  17. Mandy:

    Myself…………I can’t wait for heaven!

  18. TP:

    I’m tired of being objectified everyday when I go out in public.

  19. Jessica:

    Making people a priority who really don’t deserve it.

  20. Julia:

    My job. I think I have to quit, because school is starting up again. Also, my sleeping pattern. I can never go to bed early and wake up early. I wish my life was more healthy and less tiring. I want a more satisfying and fufilling life where I don’t have to fret on every little thing that I have to exeed.

  21. Morgan:

    Not having the will power I need.

  22. pnog:

    feeling like I am running out of time to do the things I want to do with my life.

  23. Chelsea:

    🙁 Him calling me drunk. After leaving me almost two years ago

  24. Anna G.:


  25. Matt:

    People who complain about every little thing in their lives and when you give them some good sound advice they ignore it and go back to the abusive boyfriend, or the drugs, leave home or do some other childish stupid thing. I guess what I am sick of in life is people who have got themselves into problems when they could have been avoided countless of times and complain to the rest of the world about it, all of the time.

  26. Leila:

    people who rant about their opinions and bash people they disagree with on facebook. so freaking tired of it. you’re blocked.

  27. Javier:

    sleeping too much, and procrastination

  28. Rachel:

    What I tend to get angry of and the people around me.

  29. Sarah:

    Raising my brother and sister because my parents are NEVER around.

  30. Tessa:

    Not be able to leave the house without planning carefully and in detail how things should be done…

  31. Debbie:

    Havong a boss … But for the time being, I have to learn to live with it.

  32. Debbie:

    Having * (Sorry!)

  33. kv:

    i’m tired of always stressing myself out

  34. winston:

    being married and still being lonely

  35. kayla:

    im getting very tired of having diabetes..ive had it for almost 20 years and its stressful…i feel like people dont understand so it makes me feel very lonely

    im also getting tired of being in a relationship but not feeling fulfilled..i feel like im never gonna find someone :/

  36. c:

    my depression..

  37. chris:

    always falling in love immediately – and usually with a girl I know beforehand will never feel the same way about me.

  38. Alice:


  39. Isuel:

    Well that we’re so financially screwed wid my elder bro demanding for all sorts of highly expensive stuff but not working even at the age of 29, how it affects my going to a good college, how im fed up of all the worries, n being the only one who has to be there for everyone dat i dont have anything left for myself..
    n most importantly im fed up of my own high expectations of myself, so high that sometimes it even frightens me if i’ll ever be able to make something of myself.
    n d fact dat i’ve fallen head over heels in love wid my best guy friend who doesnt know anything abt dat.

  40. Shae:

    I’m getting tired of not realising what I’ve had until I’ve lost it, and not figuring out what I want until it’s really hard to get back to a place where I can get it…

  41. Rayton:

    lack of direction. I’m trying to benefit from the much free time I have as much as possible but I can’t but wonder at times how much better, though more stressful, it would be to have some sort of routine- school or job.

  42. Alex:

    Judgmental and ignorant people.

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