Question 534

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31 Responses to “Question 534”

  1. Heather:

    miracles of God. I can’t help but believe in Him.

  2. Angria:


  3. Life itself!

    And I am glad to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful mystery 😀

  4. jw:

    The fact that I am feeling that I exist.

  5. Life:


  6. My brothers

  7. S:

    What people see in me

  8. Brad:

    How I can turn ‘Why me’ into ‘Why not me’

  9. Rachel:

    how my grandmother died, i’m afraid to ask

  10. Blink:

    The lack of empathy, kindness and compassion displayed by a small minority of this world. I will never understand why anyone would intentionally hurt someone else, physically or emotionally and feel that they deserved it and that it was right to do so.

  11. Jessica:

    How people can’t see the wonder and beauty of the world.

  12. Laila:


  13. LJ:


  14. s.u.s.a.n:

    Why people don’t just come out and say what they really need to say. If you’re trying to tell someone something, rather than skirt around the issue, just SAY IT for Christ sake!!!

  15. pnog:

    the fact that countless independent organisms (cells) can combine to create one reasonably coherent consciousness.

  16. Rachel:

    Myself, What people see in me, sex and people’s response towards it.

  17. LAX:

    Life. Why and how are we here?

  18. ozcr10:

    How we Dream… and what causes Anxiety attacks

  19. Leila:

    how Jesus could be both completely God and completely man. how He can be both One God and three at the same time. it’s beautiful. blows my mind.

  20. Amisha:

    events that happen without planning and how you still manage to deal with it.

  21. Debbie:

    What other people think about, I wish I could read minds, if only for one day …

  22. k:

    space. just its entirety

  23. Kat:

    I love the above answers, especially the anxiety attack one.

    I’ve always been a confident person, I see beauty in myself; as well as, awkwardness – which I find hilarious – but what I can’t understand is how other people view me as amazing once they truly get to know me, and get past my stone cold, heartless, unemotional wall. I feel like no one notices the awkwardness, but me, and I’ve never been able to understand it.

  24. Mac1:


  25. Suffering and injustice

  26. Laura:

    Why people don’t do right, even though they know what to do.

  27. Macey:

    why bad things always happen to good people

  28. Rayton:

    How scientists learn so much about different things with so few information.

  29. Roberto:

    how people fall in love

  30. Sevs:


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