Question 538

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  1. Heather:

    Not knowing where I want to go, or what I want to do. If I want to stay with my boyfriend or break it off and start fresh in a new place…?

  2. Aaron:

    Not hanging out with friends, not going outside, and getting lost in my work.

  3. that one hippy chic:

    I’ve been feeling very incomplete lately, and I’ve reached two or three conclusions:

    I’m missing friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very sociable person, but I feel like I need that one special group—the one where we all hang out during summer and camp out, causing hilarious havoc and understand each other completely. Lately I’ve been alone, especially during summer… I wish to camp under the stars, sitting around the fire with my friends…

    I’m missing my passion; the one thing I want out of life. My idea of a carrier is only biased on my strong points in school and the overall salary base of the job— not my ‘passion’. I feel a little empty when people talk about their hobbies to me, because I have none of my own. I have nothing to drive me, so it can become very scary when I’m depressed… but I’ve been careful.

    I would say love too, but I’m only in high school—I don’t need to be messing with that nonsense now.

  4. I think I am quite a complete piece now^^

    Maybe by falling in love with some gentle man I can make my puzzle look more beautiful 😀

  5. Witnessing my roommate and his girlfriend cavort as they are often want to do since both of them live sans the nine-to-five job these days. It makes me feel hollow and empty… like a broken shell.

  6. jw:

    Lack of attention to myself.

  7. s.u.s.a.n:

    The absence of my son in my life . . . we haven’t spoken in months and it leaves a whole in my heart.

  8. savannah:

    my father, most of the time.

  9. Morgan:

    Knowing that I’ll never be good enough to meet my own expectations.

  10. pnog:

    long periods of being alone without contact with other people. (I think that’s the same for everybody). Thankfully, those moments rarely happen in my life.

  11. Jessica:

    When I realize that I don’t really have a best friend any more… when I think about how I don’t have any passions..

    sometimes I can’t help wondering if I’m faking my emotions.. very rarely do I feel something completely. Or the things and people I think I care so much about… once I’m without them I’m fine.. and that’s not how it should be.

  12. Ally:

    The fact that I don’t know what I want other than to not be afraid or depressed.

  13. Rachel:

    It’s more the lack of something.

  14. Javier:

    Not something special right now, I’m good!

  15. Debbie:

    Feeling fine 🙂

  16. music, actually

  17. winston:

    My paycheck.It’s really depressing.

  18. midnight poet:

    The fact that I lost my dog last year

  19. Sven:


  20. Danielle:

    A gf who’s never there

  21. Alice:

    his absence

  22. vcm:

    friends, family, God and him

  23. Conor:

    Having loved and lost left a hole inside of me. Doing it several times made the hole bigger. I do feel very incomplete and at times lost, but I’ll never give up on love.

  24. Copper:

    Lack of a really good group of close friends (I’ve recently discovered how unreliable my current friend group is). Being alone.

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