Question 539

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43 Responses to “Question 539”

  1. savannah \:

    doubt about myself.

  2. Mike:

    Low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

  3. nothing, really 🙂

    every drop of beauty & ugly contributed its share in building the person who I exactly am^^

  4. Aaron:

    This freakin’ eye infection!

  5. Morgan:

    I would say body image issues, but I would rather not have such chubby legs.

  6. Jessica:

    my doubts. they get in the way of everything

  7. Luci:

    Cerebral Palsy, although there are worse things to have.

  8. Kat:

    my low self esteem, and body image issues..

  9. W:


  10. Angria:

    Mental disorder

  11. Kelly:

    i was about to say crohns disease, but my struggle with that has help make me who i am, so nothing

  12. Javier:


  13. jw:


  14. kayla:

    i wish i didnt have low self esteem, acne, diabetes, and depression. but i still keep my head up and have hope (:

  15. b:

    low self esteem. the ability to hurt a person i love. all the things running through my head

  16. Barbara:

    Scars from years of cutting, at the time I thought cutting was the only thing that could make me feel better but now everyday I have to see them and it makes me think about what I did to myself

  17. Mandy:

    Fear. Of things I SHOULDN’T fear..

  18. lovevoyager:


  19. TC:

    Emotional baggage

  20. pnog:


  21. Laura:

    Social anxiety/irrational fears and inhibitions.

  22. Rachel:

    My Dad

  23. Leila:


  24. winston:

    The inability to let go of the past.

  25. penny:

    i cant complain about things i have. Im blessed with a healthy body and mind 🙂

  26. claire:

    I would say lupus, but my sickness has helped me find myself and make me that much more grateful for everything amazing in my life.

  27. maren:

    Depression and low self-estreem

  28. Danielle:

    A girlfriend with a crazy homophobic father

  29. my hair, pimples, freakles, moles, long toes…pretty much all around ugly.

  30. Alice:

    broken hearth

  31. Christina:

    intelligence…. cause ignorance is bliss. I believe this wholeheartedly.

  32. Dhaval:

    fear of expression….

  33. ozcr10:

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  34. Ava:


  35. Sara:

    the habit of smoking

  36. .:

    Fat…Low self esteem blah blah

  37. TP:


  38. jules:

    Herpes 🙁

  39. MaM:

    my insatiable sex drive and emotional baggage

  40. Rayton:

    the weakness in one of my eyes

  41. Roberto:

    although my rationality is what mainly identifies me
    i wish i was dumber
    ignorance is bliss

  42. Alex:

    A dead sister

  43. Me:


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