Question 26

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25 Responses to “Question 26”

  1. Navas Khan:

    Life is beautiful… live it!!!

  2. Zen Phoenix:

    The problem is…nothing is never said and done as we build upon words and dreams…of our own, or of the previous person; be it Jesus, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Ghandi, or whomever we still build upon the “said and done”

  3. Meee:

    Nope. I need to change this.

  4. I would say that I’ve said more than done. I keep in the “think” and “contemplate” rather than “act”.

  5. Scipio:

    No, I have a lot of time ahead of me and I have a plan. My name will count one day.

  6. sailor:

    no, but try and keep a perfect balance, for nothing is ever said and done, in the truest form of the phrase, yet we as escapists and imposers and fighters and lovers, want to put and end. i am all, yet none, for i am a human, hence to me nothing is ever said and done, till it is said and done.

  7. sailor:

    i would and i wish i could talk to the person face to face and say what i have been holding back all these time

  8. J:

    I hope not.

  9. Rich:


  10. Kayane:

    I’m a do-er. I would have definitely done more.

  11. Steven:

    Unfortunately, Yes

  12. bobby:

    Yes, unfortunatelly.
    “Doing” is never enough.

  13. i just want to live my life. and live it as completely as possible. and i can only hope i do as much as i want to.

  14. April:

    Ouch. haha I need to do more.

  15. Barb:

    At this point, I’ve said a tremendous amount but I’ve also done quite a lot, too…but I’m changing that (because of my own thoughts along this very line) and soon it will definitely be that I have done more. Much more!

  16. Aimee:

    I probably will have saidmore.. but I hope to do more.

  17. Amanda:

    That’s one of my fears. I hope not.

  18. Ris:

    So far, I’ve said more than I’ve done. But as my life goes on, I’ll put more action behind those words.

  19. sabb:

    I’ve done probably a lot more things than I’ve said and I think it will continue that way…

  20. RubenRybnick:

    I say lots of this in thought and words alway thinking an contemplating life morality society ect… so yes i have already said more than i can possibly achieve in one life.

  21. Nick:

    I’m trying to live my life doing more actions than words.

  22. Michael Hitchcock:


    But I won’t notice. I really do a lot of it.

  23. Rowena:


    I do more than I say.

  24. chichay:

    sometimes i do a lot instead of speaking

  25. Vitor:

    I hope in the end i’ll have done more.

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