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  1. sasha:

    -you try everything you can to change their mind, to get them to love you but in reality that’s not possible. all you can do is let go and move on…it hurts but you can’t do anything about it.

  2. Try two more times.

    If he still can’t love me back, I smile away from him, leave him as a delicious friend 😉

  3. Luci:

    Give myself time and space away from them so that I can move on.

  4. Morgan:

    Let them be happy.

  5. .:

    Do everything in your power to forget about them… or do the opposite and love them no matter what.

  6. Conor:

    Keep loving them but let go. Love them for who they are and for what they offer the world. Be there for them if they need you and recognise that you may never get to be with them and that’s ok, because you’ll find someone you’ll love just as much eventually. Letting go isn’t giving up.

  7. Wouter:

    My question is: how far do you go when you love someone?

    I had a situation lately where I saw a nice girl, but the conditions didn’t allow a conversation so I found out where she lend a book from the libray. But it can be a bit creepy to try to find her.

  8. the journey.:

    she said ‘grieve. and cry. just grieve and cry. just constantly. grieve and cry and then just get on with your business…’

    personally, i feel like love is usually either mutual, or misdirected.

  9. Sar:

    Move on

  10. anon:

    love them from a distance until my heart breaks. Then I heal and move on, realizing that they weren’t actually all that great

  11. Tiva Joy:

    I have been in this situation many times… what I tend to do is to continue to love them, think about them all the time, talk about them all the time, until I am ready to move on. I haven’t found any other way to get over them, but unfortunately it usually takes me a few years to move on.

  12. TP:

    Put everything out there to make sure they don’t love me back, instead of assuming. After that, give myself some space, and hopefully later try to build a friendship.

  13. Debbie:

    “Leven en laten leven”

    (Live and let them go on with their lives)

    But I’m a lucky woman: The one I love, truly loves me in return.

  14. s.u.s.a.n:

    Love them anyway.

  15. Laila:

    Luckily I haven’t had the experience. But I know people who’d fit the “curl up and die” attitude quite well.

  16. lola:

    love, and love, and love. i never quite let go, but my heart has allowed me enough room to fall in love again. And this time it’s better.

  17. Mandy:

    Pray for them.

  18. Ali:

    Let it go. For love is in your heart anyway, you’ve just attached that love in meaning to someone prematurely, for your reasons, of which the person you’ve attached it to has not. If it is a romantic love, then know first comes marriage then love, that’s the natural and pure way.

  19. pnog:

    Morgan has it right. Let them be happy.

  20. Javier:

    Make her know how i feel, and if it doesn’t work, then i’ll move on.

  21. Grace:

    Personally, I think that Nicholas Sparks said it best: “I finally understood what true love meant…love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.”
    Though, I realize that there is a significant distance between knowing something (theory), and actually doing it(action).

  22. Tracy:

    Set them Free

  23. Peta:

    Step 1: Focus in on your self love first & foremost so you keep a perspective that keeps you well…
    Step 2: Move on to new love that has reciprocity… new love always comes along, just as that love did
    Step 3: As long as it does not affect your own well being… continue loving them

  24. winston:

    Shoot’em just kidding.You get over it,no choice.

  25. Lyn:

    Daydream and hope

  26. Renne:

    Lyn- I tried that for a while. Then I finally realized that it wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I told him how I felt. He didn’t like me back, but I’m glad I knew earlier on so I had time to cry a little, then a lot, and then get over it. Better to be hurt then to spend my whole life wishing for something I can’t have

  27. sarah:

    you hurt. people try so hard to avoid pain- but hurting, really hurting with a raw heart is the only way to learn.

  28. anon:

    I fear that I’m in this situation right now. I will tell him how I feel and if he feels the same, great, but if he doesn’t I may be one of those “curl up and die” type of people Laila spoke of.

  29. nerazzurri:

    u r loving them bcoz u found they are good. so keep loving them. this gud person will realise oneday, how special is ur love. LOVE WINS ALWAYS

  30. Danielle:

    Try and move on…

  31. Cheetah:

    You do what you can, and if it doesn’t work, you move on. If they still don’t like you after you’ve done your best, chances are they aren’t the person for you anyway.

  32. toot:

    loving someone that doesnt love you back , is very painful, but love simply is, you cant control it, u cant control loving someone or not loving them, you just have to be ok with the fact that they dont love you back, wish them the best, hope they are happy and let go.

  33. Shans:

    Love is always unconditional. There is no expectation and that is what a true love is. So the question itself is meaningless. There is nothing like some one loving you back. You love some one is nothing but you just let go off your ego and surrender your thoughts and feelings towards them. We love someone and continue to love someone irrespective of how they feel about it. True love never fails, it just blossoms like every day sunshine. Sun loves every one of us and shows its radiance not expecting anything from us. So is true love of a selfless human being.

  34. I just simply continue loving them. 🙂
    Tell you what, I’ve been loving someone for almost 4 yrs already secretly even if there has been times he has found someone love, been broken-hearted, went single and loved again.. 🙂

    It was like watching over him and loving him from afar..

  35. sab:

    Simple: I stay. When I love someone, I love that person enough to be happy with what we are and let go of what we could be.

  36. Rachel:

    Act like an eejit unfortunately

  37. Suck it up, move on. They obviously didn’t stop to appreciate it, so why should you do the same?

    Been in that situation for approximately two years, and the other party hasn’t been the least bit interested in giving it a shot… so forget about it. Got more important things to invest my time and energy in.

  38. TBR:

    Just be their friend, give them space, and move on.

  39. aj:

    try to be their friend. or end up so desperate for their love you let yourself get used and hurt.

  40. Justin:

    I let her go to be happy. I kept that love in my heart, like a lesson, a memory to hold on. I just keep loving her, to be her friend, and move on. Idk if I will find another love or not but I think as long as I still love her, it wouldn’t matter.

  41. Rayton:

    I try my best at first to see if there still any remaining chance, and if not I sadly cut off the relationship and take a break for a while.

  42. i would tell them how i truly felt and then give them time to take it in and then i would say that i think that we should give our friendship a rest and then see how we felt but i would not just sit back and lett my heart wilt because with every look in the eyes i would cry.

  43. Oddie:

    Simply stop loving them back.

  44. Nichole:

    Love them as best you can anyway and try to find a great person who will act as a giant cork and fill the hole.

  45. Copper:

    Move on. Try to find someone who will feel the same as you do about them.

  46. Alex:

    Keep loving them, but realize you will never get them. Realize they will never love you how you love them. But… still care for them and be there for them whenever they need it.

  47. JakiChase:

    Oh damn…give myself time and space enough to get over them. Find a new hobby, keep myself occupied with other hobbies that don’t remind me of him until my old hobbies don’t remind me of him anymore. Listen to music, dance, realize I’m not alone. Tell myself I’m worth the struggle. Wait for someone to say the same to me, because you can’t just ask someone to tell you that. You have to show them.

    I’m struggling after five months and I’m doing a little better. I think if I give myself another 5 months or so, I’ll be okay. I’ll be over him. He was my first real love, and he doesn’t even know it. He cut me out of his life, and I’m thankful for that because I don’t have to face him every day that way.

  48. Ramona:

    You have to find the will within yourself to acknowledge the truth, accept it and feel the pain of the acceptance until it dissipates. Tell yourself that you deserve someone who will love you like crazy and that there is someone out there looking for the same things as you. I truly believe you have to force yourself to seek new potential partners and date new people. Fake it til you feel it! That is the key!

  49. Joey:

    you have to expect they dont love you and it hurts more then anything else, but youll always love them some. id still help her out if she asked

  50. hexmage:

    Once I thought it was try harder.
    Then I though it was wait.
    Now I know it’s let them be happy and move on, only way to preserve one’s self.

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