Question 552

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37 Responses to “Question 552”

  1. Cory:

    Travel..Do what I love

  2. Aaron:

    I would love to help people stay as young as they can.

  3. kaa:

    Learning to live on less, finding pleasure in every moment with my children and family and finding me.

  4. Angria:

    To teach and continue to learn as well.

  5. Morgan:

    Teach others to see the world as beautifully as I do.

  6. Living in the moment, listen to what every moment tells me what life is vaguely like 🙂

  7. sarah:

    party every night… dedicate my life to surrounding myself with people that i know, love, connect with. to never stop making friends. and maybe even do it all on an island, somewhere, in paradise.

    just figured i might as well be honest 🙂

  8. S:

    right now? sleep.

  9. NicNic:

    Travel, learn, and laugh

  10. Kelly:

    if i knew, i would be doing it

  11. Leila:


  12. Ken:

    Make others happy. But most importantly be happy myself. The former sort of requires the latter.

  13. Anne:

    be happy

  14. jw:

    To pursue my dream.

  15. pit:


  16. Laila:

    Travel, explore things unknown. Become in my own elemet and truly find out who I am.

  17. Javier:

    Be happy, do what I love, and be with people I love!!!

  18. What ever i want, when ever I want, with whoever i want, that’s all!

  19. Mandy:

    Continue to help people know Jesus:)
    Smile, laugh, kiss my kids<3

  20. shikha:

    the rest of my life? o, toast.

  21. Danielle:

    Be happy

  22. legolas:

    Being in the present moment…To Be Wise [ Heartwise as well as Headwise ]..

  23. Settle down, be loved, love back in return, live peacefully

  24. winston:

    To live it worry free

  25. sasha:

    -do what i’m passionate about, what makes me truly happy.
    -be with someone i’m passionately in love with that loves me back.

  26. Alicia:

    Show the people I love what they really mean to me, hug kitties, read, write, learn….

    Oh, and eat really awesome food. And get sleep.
    And hug more kitties.

  27. Rachel:


  28. vcm:

    doing something i love, being with people i love and living each day as if it were my last.

  29. Dhaval:

    find solutions for myself & thus help people in understanding oneself for better living…….

  30. kv:

    be happy

  31. Heather:

    Live for once instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks I should do..

  32. TBR:

    Dance and do surgery. But actually be a nice surgeon, ’cause most surgeons nowadays are jerks. I want to help people not only physically, but also emotionally.

  33. TBR:

    Ohh and be happy of course. With people I love. Enjoying life. All that jazz.

  34. nerazzurri:

    keep setting goals and acheiving those

  35. Rayton:

    learn and evolve.

  36. Ellen:

    Do what I love, working with history. Make my family and my God proud. Bring people to the love of Christ.

  37. Alex:

    I would love to be a counselor to help others. To listen to their stories, to feel their pain, and heal it.

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