Question 556

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22 Responses to “Question 556”

  1. for me it is not *sth*, it’s myself 😉

  2. Morgan:

    My writing. It never fails to explain how I’m feeling.

  3. Aaron:


  4. Angria:


  5. Abdul L.:

    The reaction to your good deeds

  6. Leila:

    truth and goodness.

  7. Javier:

    Myself, family, and my lover.

  8. Mandy:

    God<3 🙂
    & Bills! :/

  9. Laila:


  10. Nic:

    gravity, death and taxes, unfortunately

  11. pnog:

    pure math. All of physics rules can be bent with the right inventions or in the right conditions. Flying in airplanes is only our first act of defiance against gravity. I’m sure eventually we’ll defy all the rules in many ways.

  12. b:


  13. winston:

    Getting behind someone going 10mph under the limit when I cant pass.Or traffic lights that seem to always spot me.

  14. Rachel:

    Christmas to bring me joy. Christmas songs and mainly snow. I just get the best feeling ever

  15. Danielle:

    That nothing in life will ever be completely fair.
    That I will never totally understand the reasoning behind why things happen.
    That I will be the only person I can count on to be there for me til the end.

  16. Emily:

    Music & Myself

  17. The love from a child.

  18. Heather:

    there is always someone that I can help even if I don’t think I can. a smile can do wonders.

  19. TBR:

    Things getting better. I have definately reached rock bottom in the past, but no matter how bad things got they ALWAYS managed to get better. It’s nice to count on that. It gives me hope.

  20. Sue:


  21. Sarah:

    my faith

  22. Nic:

    My friends.

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