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  1. lauren:

    just hanging out….no fancy restaurant, not dressed up all nice, just a simple day together, maybe on the beach or just snuggling

  2. jess:

    Holing up in his basement, watching Star Wars and cuddling on his couch with his dog. 🙂 It’s a peace like I’ve never known, and the occasional kiss makes everything all that much better.

  3. Richard:

    Spending the day sitting by the lake with a picnic lunch, snuggling and talking. Sadly we don’t get to do that very often, since we live almost 800 miles apart…

  4. Cheetah:

    A nice ride on my scooter through the country, then dinner at the park, with a full table, table cloth, place settings, ect. Cooked by moi, and a movie on a projector screen, starting as the sun sets.

  5. A date … hmm. It would involve our daughter sleeping, that’s for sure! The last date we tried to go on, Norah woke up 5 minutes into the movie and my husband spent two hours consoling her in the lobby. =(

  6. Heather:

    Watching a thunderstorm from inside the car. Watching through the moon roof and windows. while eating popcorn. 🙂 true story.

  7. anon:

    random tings-wandering around a store and finding weird things, going for a walk outside, maybe even going to an art museum. Me things, things we could do together that are both of us that we can just share and enjoy.

  8. Gracie:

    Though the “night on the town” type dates (fancy clothes, nice restaurant, etc) does have it’s appeal, ultimately, I’d have to say just spending time together. Going to the beach, taking a walk, or simply cuddling on the couch while watching a movie (with the occasional kiss thrown in, of course!!) It’s not so much What you do, but Who you do it with

  9. confusionaboutstorytime:

    i don’t date. please.

  10. Wouter:

    Thanks for the ideas…got a date tomorrow and planning to go to a huge parking,where on the topfloor you have an amasing view over the city. Hope she will like it.

  11. b:

    going for a drive. listening to music and holding her hand. its amazing every time.

  12. Alicia:

    Perfect Date= happens during a weekend when all homework is already done, and consists of sitting down at a favorite restaurant, chatting for a long while and hearing his thoughts and ideas and what’s new, walking around for a bit and listening, maybe watching a movie or t.v. show

  13. Laila:

    The activity doesn’t matter. We could be having milk in the school cafeteria for all I care. All I need is a connection.

  14. winston:

    When she’s buying 😉

  15. pnog:

    It would have to involve nature in some way. Some good one’s I have had in the past include:
    – sitting on a dock under shooting stars with perfect Canadian September temperature and no bugs.
    – sneaking onto a residence building roof to have chocolate cake and watch the sunset
    – hiking to a waterfall in the forest followed by Japanese hot springs and fireworks

  16. Firefly:

    Lying on the hood of his car looking at the stars with a blanket over us 🙂

  17. LJ:

    Driving his pick-up into a field in the middle of nowhere and watching the sunset together. Either that or dancing in the rain 🙂

  18. vcm:

    going somewhere you’ve never been, trying something new, yet being comfortable with who you are and who you are with and having a great time 🙂

  19. Just us together, alone. stargazing or something like that.

  20. Sue:

    Cuddling up with your significant other on the beach as the sun sets.

  21. Sarah:

    watching the sun set

  22. Jacqui:

    To be with someone that you respect that respects you.

  23. S.:

    Having a good time dancing or chatting, and laughing -a lot.

  24. Gloria:

    it doesn’t matter what we do, so long as he treats me right. I want to feel valuable to him, whether is is a felt-tip marker heart-felt paper card, or dinner and dancing, or the brush of his hand on my lower back. I just need to feel like I’m beautiful, valuable, and worth his time. I want to get to know him, to become accustomed to him. I want to do something that builds us as a pair.

  25. Emily:

    A horseback ride through the woods/cuddling up to a fire and just enjoying the outdoors and eachother. Whatever God works out for me 🙂

  26. VongolaSky:

    Sitting some where quiet watching a movie just enjoying each others company (its the simple things that count)

  27. Kendall:

    Ive always wanted to do this since i was a little kid.

    Seaside Oregon, walking barefoot on the beach as the waves come up and freeze my feet and then watching the sunset wrapped up in a blanket together followed by a small fire on the beach stargazing 🙂

  28. Des:

    Sitting on a window, seat on a rainy day, listening to Mumford & Sons. While reading poetry to one another. Drinking tea.

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