Question 565

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39 Responses to “Question 565”

  1. Nicoley:

    I wish I could hug my dad and tell him I love him one more time.

  2. Danielle:

    Make love to Rachel…

  3. Aaron:

    I don’t think I’d want to do anything again. Takes away the fun of trying to do things right the first time and/or learning from your mistakes.

  4. Claire:

    Kiss him. Tell him I love him.

  5. jw:

    Be young.

  6. Debbie:

    Too many stuff.

  7. Be with my late parents for one more day and tell then how much I love them and how much I learnt from them. And to know if I make them proud? They made me!

  8. Laila:

    Be a careless, innocent child for one day

  9. Johanna:

    fall in love

  10. sasha:

    -be fifteen again, have that innocence back. a lot of things happened in that one year.

  11. pnog:

    My Sigma Chi Initiation.

  12. vcm:

    laughter. any kind. any moment of full-on, ab-tightening, bellowing, uncontrollable laughter, i would totally relive.

  13. Rachel:


  14. Maria:

    Swim under water again with snorkels

  15. Go out with my mom, dad and my brothers. One last time.

  16. Christine:

    go to hawaii and have the time of my life

  17. Brittany:

    Be with Darrel one more time. Hug him, kiss him, and tell him how much I love him.

  18. Morgan:

    I wish I could hug my grandparents one last time.

  19. Sue:

    Be with my grandmother again

  20. aj:

    ask him one more question.
    kiss him one more time.
    try to change his mind one last time.

  21. Leila:

    spend one more day in Australia. can’t believe how much i miss everything about that place.

  22. Heather:

    have a girls night with my sisters. no one has time anymore.

  23. Deborah:

    Spend the day with my Dad

  24. Julia:

    Relive the summer, and instead of staying inside and being miserable, go outside and respect the beauty of nature

  25. Javier:

    Live again my childhood memories, and my exchange semester.

  26. Nic:

    Hug him, hold him, tell him how much he means to me.

  27. Jacqui:

    Hold my daughter and my parents.

  28. Rachel:

    Kiss him

  29. caitlin:

    go to the bahamas

  30. Try to change his mind
    Kiss him

  31. Oddie:

    Fall in love again.

  32. isa:

    Be with my cousin. Hold her hand, take care of her, talk to her. Tell her how much I’m going to miss her.

  33. Erica:

    Buy a different car. My life would be completely different. I know it.

  34. Rayton:

    Dance and be wild

  35. Taylor:

    If we’re talking super god like powers here, then hang out with friends that have passed away. But still alive people, then make amends to an ex and have one last perfect date.

  36. Alex:

    Get back those good friends I lost.

  37. Butt:

    Put it in her.

  38. Me:

    hang out with someone whom I loved very much who passed away… I miss him everyday and would love the chance to spend one more day with him. Make love. Tell him goodbye since I never had the opportunity to…

  39. Garrett:

    Hear those words from the one that got away… “I love you.”

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