Question 567

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  1. omghaveyoulostyourmind?/iloveyou!:):

    is that india? nice! in 1 year? idk. maybe i will be 100% enlightened. dead or alive. maybe not. maybe i already am, so maybe nothing. fuck. i mean, um, toast.

  2. Morgan:

    I will be 15 pounds lighter and starting University. I can’t wait.

  3. Emmy:

    I’ll have my Master’s degree! And with any luck, will be getting close to done paying off all my student loans.

  4. Angria:

    I’ll be starting my first year of grad school (hopefully!)

  5. jw:

    I wish myself a lot different.

  6. Aaron:

    I’ll be living at home again and going to a different school.

  7. zoe:

    -hopefully be pretty settled down with my boyfriend. maybe moved in with him? but hopefully everything will be good and i’ll still be with him and will be happy.

  8. Blink:

    I think this question is Gods way of giving me perspective.

    My girlfriend flew out this morning and won’t be back apart from visits for at least a year, but we’re aiming for a year. So in a years time, they’ll be a house and a dog 🙂

  9. Rachel:

    i’ll be one year older lol

  10. I will live more consciously, at most minutes of my lovely beautiful life 😉

  11. Julia:

    Hopefully I would make the right descisions now, to put me on track so my life is great in a year. I hope to be outstanding in everything I do.

  12. Alicia:

    I’m still analyzing how different I am from how I was exactly a year ago. If this recent analysis has taught me anything, it’s that I know I have no way of knowing how different my life will be yet another year later…but that’s what makes it interesting.

    As far as taking an active role in making life a year from now different…that comes from making tiny decisions every day that come to define you as a person. If you’re interested in being a different person by next year, do something small each day to be that person.

    All I really care about is that some things remain the same: essential people remain in my life, school goes well, and my health stays ok.

  13. b:

    i will be in my last year of college and enjoying as much as i can.

  14. SueISAwesome:

    I will be in my last year of college so hopefully it will be as enjoyable as it is now

  15. Laila:

    I will be in my 2nd year of college. Hopefully I’ll be completely adjusted to my new life, on the other side of the world from my family.

  16. Ana:

    A degree in Chemical Engineering

  17. J:

    I will no longer be a teenager. I won’t have the same last name.

  18. Kirsten:

    It’s so crazy and terrifying that I have no idea where I will be in exactly one year. At all.

  19. Cory:

    I don’t know but for some reason this question gives me chills

  20. Cory:

    Anything could happen a friend or family member could die, we could win the lottery, Someone might have a baby Or everything could be pretty much the same.

  21. Kelson:

    Hopefully I will have gone back to college and grown into a confident, secure man with amazing friends, a new job, and love. And a car would be a nice bonus:)

  22. Javier:

    I’ll have a real job, being graduated, and probably and hopefully living in another city!!!

  23. Mandy:

    my husband will be a preacher(pastor) hopefully ..

  24. ching:

    I will probably be in my senior apartment still by myself unless i find a dog i like 🙁

  25. Danielle:

    I will be a registered nurse taking care of sick people in the hospital, not a nursing student learning how to be a nurse.

  26. pnog:

    I will likely have a new job in a year. There is also a chance that I will be living on the other side of the world.

  27. I’d like to be a better version of myself. I am turning 30 on Thursday and would like to look back when I turn 31 and say “things are better now.” Great question!

  28. Sarah:

    a new job

  29. Rachel:

    I will have my junior cert results and will be forced to socialise because I’ll be in transition year=[

  30. Heather:

    being happy. having a job that I like and an advanced education for my goals.

  31. I will finally be doing what I love doing and living where I long wanted to – actually that will be one week from now too!

  32. m:

    I’ll have my degree in engineering, finally….

  33. Jacqui:

    I will have helped others in need and become a wiser person.

  34. Leila:

    i’ll be out of college and on my own in the “real world” o.O

  35. I will be out of debt, I will be moved in with my boyfriend, and I will remain in search of Truth.

  36. winston:

    Ill be happy to have lived another year

  37. abbey:

    I’ll be starting college, hopefully somewhere far away from here! I can’t wait 🙂

  38. Catherine:

    Who knows?

  39. Muppy:

    i will be in new zealand, after my student exchange. and i will be with my family again and missing everyone i have met over here.

  40. nm:

    I will have friends

  41. Kinza:

    Something, i hope.

  42. Erica:

    Most likely nothing. TBH.

  43. Courtney:

    I will know what being on a 9 month deployment away from my 12 month old daughter and husband feels like.

  44. Rayton:

    I’ll be much more independent. I will get used to university and what it demands, I will know how to take better care of myself, I will know how to manage time more correctly and be able to do much more stuff, I’ll be much more confident as I’m becmoing more and more of it everyday.

  45. Ellen:

    I’ll be graduating college and hopefully getting a job in my field.

  46. Alex:

    Be finishing up my 4th semester of college.

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