Question 571

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32 Responses to “Question 571”

  1. sasha:

    -listen to songs that relate to how i feel or my situation. write. talk to my best friend.

  2. Emmy:

    Depending on my energy levels, I either crash on the couch to watch What Not to Wear or Star Trek Voyager, or I go to the kitchen and bake. 🙂

  3. Aaron:

    I eat, I use my stick, I go on the computer, or I just lay down for a few.

  4. Cheetah:

    I scooter ride around my neighborhood or with my dad, play some video games, and occasionally do a few exercises.

  5. Gracie:

    Curl up on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine.

  6. Heather:

    play ball with my dog or take her for a walk, read, and listen to music.

  7. breathe, breathe and breathe 🙂

    and eat some tasty foods, which I easily over do ~.~

  8. b:


  9. S.:

    I listen to music, I lay in my bed, or sing.

  10. Laila:

    Watch Friends 🙂

  11. Mandy:

    Talk to God

  12. Peta:

    Write about what I want in life… and how I deserve it… and that no one is better than anyone… and that I am the best me there is!

  13. winston:

    I watch my son compete in whatever sport is in season.

  14. bsf:

    usually i watch tv for an hour then read. sometimes i take a really long shower.

  15. Listen to music, go for a walk or vent to someone.

  16. pnog:

    go to a hot springs or drink something alcoholic and watch a comedy.

  17. Rachel:

    Listen to music, go on the internet, eat, sleep

  18. TP:

    I forget about any and all responsibilities and go for a loooong walk

  19. .:

    Wack on some music (Usually Beyonce), go lie in bed… and think.

  20. Wesley:

    Find my girlfriend and exchange a nice big hug.

  21. what i do in my spare time is play the guitar and sing songs.

  22. caitlin:

    write a story

  23. :):

    Nothing like going to football and leaving it all on the field

  24. Villads:

    I jack off and play guitar

  25. Danielle:

    Spend time with friends, tumblr, drink

  26. catie:

    blast some tunes and doze

  27. Rayton:

    listen to music or read

  28. Jp:

    Depends on how rough it was. Normally a glass of wine.
    Go hunt some hadedas(noisy bird). Gets me in another mindset and out in the bush.

  29. Mitch:

    Have a beer or two and either listen to the Division Bell album by Pink Floyd, or play guitar.

  30. Alex:

    Blog and listen to music. 🙂

  31. Tory:

    Beat my wife and kids.

  32. Me:

    eat chocolate, take a bubble bath and read. go to bed early.

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