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  1. Drew:

    I know a lot more than a 17 year old usually does, but I express it in such a fucking juvenile way and I can’t control it.

  2. Morgan:

    I feel a lot wiser then a lot of people my age, and I feel like I have a much older perspective on the world then a regular 16 year old does. But when I start to realize the responsibilities that come with growing up and all of the pressure that is put on me I feel like I’m a child again.

  3. Megan:

    Both. I’m 15 and sometimes I feel like I understand so much more about the world and think more deeply than most people my age, but I also feel like a child when I’m sad or scared

  4. jw:


  5. zoe-:

    -i feel the same way as Morgan. I feel like I have a different perspective on life and other things than people my age normally would, but then i’m still young. i haven’t yet experienced what life is all about.

  6. Younger all the time 😀

  7. anon:

    it depends…

  8. m:

    Older. So very much older.

    I’ve lived too long.

  9. none:

    Everyone’s got strengths and weaknesses; you can’t describe the perfect # year-old.

  10. none:

    It looks like the teenagers above all have one thing in common: They think they know more than their peers. Go figure.

  11. curly:

    Younger, I’m not ready to pick my university course or study alot. I used to be able to but that’s changed now.

  12. Firefly:

    Younger – I’ve just started university and the whole prospect is a little nervous.

    Older mentally – Sometimes I think I’m more mature for my age, but then I just piss around and wonder where the hell I got that thought from 😀

  13. Laura:

    A little of both. I think I’m more mature than other people my age in some ways; for example, I don’t go out and get drunk off my ass all the time like half the people at college, and I understand that my actions can have consequences, which a lot of people don’t seem to. I’m more responsible, I guess. But I’m way less mature in other ways. I still depend on my parents financially, I don’t have a job, and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I suppose if I were to tally everything up, I would come out on the younger side, just for lack of experience with the world.

  14. bsf:

    i think i feel both.
    i’m more mature than most of my friends, but i don’t feel my age yet, i feel a couple of years younger.

  15. Leila:

    i feel so much younger than my age. the numbers keep steadily rising but i don’t feel any older.

  16. Cheetah:

    Both, depending on what’s going on, and how I feel.

  17. I’m 35 and fluctuate between feeling 12 and 80. Not actually sure what 35 is supposed to feel like…

  18. Heather:

    It depends on my mood. Usually, I feel older than I am 🙁 which sucks. I didn’t have much of a child hood.
    but when I am with certain people, I can just let go and feel free to be who I want to be.

  19. s.u.s.a.n.:

    Younger. Always younger.

  20. Laila:

    I think I feel exactly like a 18 year old is supposed to feel. Scared to face the real world and at the same time excited to start living real life.

  21. Ive felt older than my age all my life, but now Im finally catching up. I feel like 23, and I am.

  22. Depends on the day! Today I felt older (than the 30 I just turned 3 days ago), just because it was a busy weekend. But when I play with my daughter I always feel young and happy!!

  23. pnog:

    I feel just right most of the time. A few times a bit older than I actually am.

  24. ehm:

    I’m 18. to be honest i kinda childish in a way. i act very childish around my friends and my mother. that’s why I’m kinda scared of making new friends that are a lot younger than me because they may act more mature than me. but when it comes with life problems that’s how i go matured, i focus too much that’s why at times i forgot that i have to focus on myself too.

  25. (required):

    idk. i tend not to confuse counting with spelling

  26. you know who:

    both~ 😀

  27. pit:

    older, so much older…

  28. Rachel:


  29. Javier:

    Youngerr!!! i just turned 22 on friday, and i still feel like 18, cause when i turned 18 i felt different from 17, and my feeling hasn’t changed too much!!!

  30. Mike:

    I thought I was more mature for my age. Now, in hindsight, I don’t think I did anything mature until I was 40. What I thought was maturity was nothing more than self-righteousness. When they say youth is wasted on the young, they’re not kidding!

  31. I feel much, MUCH older than I am. Both in body and mind.

  32. Caitlin:

    I feel my actual age really

  33. Wesley:

    I feel older than my age, I always have. In high school I actually worked at the school my Junior and Senior year, so was more of a staff member than a student.

    Now in College, I’m working full time in an actual ‘career job’ while taking classes. Which adds to the effect.

  34. I’m fifteen. I know there are a few people in my grade right now who are so immature and superficial, but for the most part I would say I am just as wise as most people my age. Not that I’m not immature and superficial at times, of course, but it just appalls me to hear conversations from those sorts of people that go “Dude, that’s so gay” or “Oh my gosh, don’t you just feel SO self-conscious when you’re in public without any makeup?”. But I’ve also had some rather profound conversations with others, so I would say I’m just right for my age.

  35. Abbey:

    Most of the time I definitely feel older. I’ve seen more of the world than many people my age (at least those that I know) and I’ve had to deal with more things than most other teenagers. Although I am surrounded by very sheltered kids, and I’m sure there are a ton of teens out there that have seen more than me. I do get told that I act like an adult fairly often though.

    Although when I look toward my future and realize that I’ll be on my own soon and that thought absolutely terrifies me, I feel like a 10 year old again! 🙂

  36. Younger. I have so much yet to learn..

  37. EKF:

    younger: i used to think i was wiser than my peers until I realized that I still fall for the same gimmicks and the same drama, despite how “wise” I am outside the situation. Ill be older when I can walk away from them and be above it. 17

  38. Nick:

    I feel both

  39. Danielle:

    Sometimes I feel older because I feel like I’m more mature than other people who are older than. Other times I feel younger because I just don’t want to grow up.

  40. Alexa:

    older. i’ve been dealing with things way beyond my maturity level

  41. Green Knight:

    Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime, and other times I feel like I’m just a child. It’s hard to know how old I really am sometimes.

  42. Nina:


  43. catie:


  44. Katy:

    I’m 16 and sometimes I still feel like I’m 12 years old.

  45. Taylor:

    I’m 21 and i feel older. I work 50+ hours a week and the only reason i can hang out with my best friend so much is because we live together and car pool to the same job.

  46. Natalie:

    Older. So much older. I’m 15 and I hate when people ask me why I care so much about school. I hate when they ask me why I can’t hang out on weekdays. I hate that no matter how hard I try to act my age, I always say SOMETHING to somebody and they look at me like I’m some kind of freak. I can’t wait to grow up, get out of this ridiculous town, and see the world.

  47. kiki:

    Both. Like the rest of the teens who have answered, I’ve been told that I act like an adult, and I have much stronger views than most people my age. But I feel younger when I realize just how much is out there and just how much I wish I could go back to being a child.

  48. Alex:

    I feel just about right. But i know i still have that kid inside of me 🙂

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