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  1. Heather:

    Christmas 2000. I had all the family I needed then, my 3 sisters and my mom, all together with me, enjoying the smiles and laughter more than the presents one last time. =)

  2. Heather:

    Christmas 2000. I had all the family I needed, my 3 sisters and my mom, all together just enjoying the smiles and laughter more than the presents and food one last time. I miss being 8 and caring about nothing in the world except being happy and enjoying the sound of laughter and the sight of all the bright colorful lights. =)

  3. Christine:

    7th grade when i had all the true friends in the world. i was always happy and i felt like there was a perfect balance in my life.

    2010 when i went to Peru/Amazon Rainforest with a ton of my classmates. It was the best trip of my life and i would do anything to re-experience the sights i saw, the culture i experienced, and the fun i had.

  4. Angria:

    My first semester of college. That was such a life-changing semester of both incredible and terrible experiences.

  5. Bige:

    2008- My first ever trip to Europe, alone, no travel guide/ tour guide, did everything on my own. Amazing experience seeing Paris, Rome and Florence.

  6. Me:

    Februari 2009. when I went backpacking with my 3 best friends. It felt like I was finally there where I should be. I was happy back then 🙂 I miss them so much…

  7. Anonymous:

    2008 and 2011…. I should treasure the times I had with my friends even more…..

  8. jess:

    All of the conversations and experiences I’ve had with my friends Westerhof, Brandon, and Drew S. Everything they’ve ever said to me has been important, and I wish I had listened better the first time.

  9. Kawwww:

    My beautiful dreams 🙂

  10. Drew:

    The second Rise Against concert I went to, and living in a shitty apartment in a town I barely knew with my two best friends.

  11. K:

    the first time i rode my horse when she was three and old enough to ride. i had had her since she was a baby

  12. My wedding day.

  13. Laila:

    Being in love at 13 🙂

  14. Dirk:

    Being born again 🙂

  15. going school with innocent friends 😉

  16. Tom:

    In 1980 I raced the high banks of Daytona Speedway on a very fast motorcycle. It was the most exciting thing I ever did in my life, so far. I’ve raced motorcycles from the Isle of Man TT (and the Isle of Man will put your heart in your mouth) to the Baja 1000 (and I’ve been left for dead more then once down there), but Daytona was the one moment I wouldn’t mind doing… just one more time. If you’re bored with your life, risk it!

  17. Mike:

    1987. Best kiss ever.

  18. Morgan:

    New York City with my best friends. It was the most wonderful time I’ve ever spent with them.

  19. Seeing my first sister for the first time the day she was born

  20. Wesley:

    A winter trip to Sweden I went on with my uncle. I was too shy and young at the time to truly appreciate it.

  21. Danielle:

    Car trips to New York with my family

  22. pnog:

    tough question. there are many. but I guess I’ll choose first year university.

  23. first kiss, og High school, hehe:)

  24. AJ:

    first kiss. not ever, first kiss with him.

  25. Mekhna:

    High school. Those were the precious moments of my life

  26. Gracie:

    First kiss

  27. Liz:

    To be a child again. Happy and no worries at all.

  28. superwoman:

    being held and being able to cry loudly when i was a child

  29. bubble:

    September of this year, night of the 21st. A guy I have always wanted to be friends with came to our formal because a friend of his chose him. I was never close to him but have always wanted to be noticed by him. I said “let me give you a hug to pass to your girlfriend”, because I am close to her and she wanted to hug me on my last day of school but missed me. Later in the night when all the lights and loud noises got to me and caused me to panic, he dropped everything to come and find me and hug me for a few minutes. It was the highlight of the night.

  30. Sandy:

    March 13th 1997 meeting up with the wonderful man I am now married to, every day when he comes home from work is like a mini version of this, but that was really special. Love at first sight.

  31. Ellen:

    Any day I got to hang out with my grandfather. I miss him and didn’t appreciate him like I should’ve when he was alive. I just wish I could go back and spend more time with him.

  32. Lo':

    Kissing him…feeling his chest rise and fall under my head.

  33. S:

    My school formal-the first time in my life I felt beautiful

  34. Elysia:

    All of the semester I spent in Bonaire, but especially when my buddy and I saw dolphins on a research dive 🙂
    Vermont summers as a kid/young teenager with family and friends, playing in the river all day.
    My last swim meet as an age-grouper.

  35. Karissa:

    The three weeks I spent with Vince three weeks before he was killed.

  36. Rayton:

    Learn drawing from my grandfather and draw with him.

  37. Alex:

    The Kairos i went on my senior year in highschool. That was the best thing to connect to my classmates, and learn about people I have never learned about.

  38. Danish:

    That time she told me the most meaningful thing in the world and that feeling I felt.

  39. Joleen:

    The day where I met the people who really support me and who stand behind me and who I love! Those 5 days were the best I had in my past half year!

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