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  1. Angria:

    I’ve undergone years of abuse that has resulted in ptsd. I know that I am stronger for having survived that time of my life as well as having to deal with the aftereffects now, but sometimes I wonder if being stronger because of that is a good thing.

  2. Drew:

    I could be an asshole and say “Working out”, but in reality, all the experiments that I put myself through. I do different things to myself constantly just to try to make myself learn a little more. I go through Hell for it and I always come out the other end just a little bit stronger. It’s a nice system. 🙂

  3. F3x:

    I managed to be openly gay in a small small village, I got accepted and I changed a lot fo minds. 😉

  4. Heather:

    My mom died when I was 8. Shot to death. I am a stronger person because I know that my mom was one of the sweetest and most caring people in the world and I strive to be like her. I have been ridiculed because I don’t have a mom, but I am a bigger person because I know how to over look the petty comments and I don’t hate the people that make them. I move on because life does too.

  5. Kelly:

    nothing’s made me stronger than being diagnosed with crohn’s disease has. There’s nothing like looking at death to remind you to live

  6. s.u.s.a.n.:

    Breast cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. Was a defining time in my life. I’m thankful that I had that experience. And I’m also thankful that it’s been 10 years since that experience!

  7. Emma:

    I always use this as my answer for everything, but losing my sisters for a year did it. I had to learn to stand on my own two feet and handle my emotions by myself while they were gone.

  8. pnog:

    I have been very lucky and have had an easy life compared to many of the stories above. So my top experience would be getting through a difficult university program.

  9. My being alone all by myself…

    I have to look after myself because otherwise no one can do that for me 🙂

  10. Teresa:

    The abusive house hold I grew up in gave me a great deal of strength. Watching my mother barely make it through breast cancer and a heart problem made me even stronger. Unfortunately, my way of coping with everything was through drugs and alcohol… The past four months I was on meth and heroine. I discovered that I am an addict. I went to a rehab that taught me a great deal of life lessons… I’m continuing my involvement with AA programs and I feel stronger than I ever thought possible.

  11. AJ:

    my big brother.

  12. Justin:

    My adopted mom. She taught me to never give up no matter what, even if life doesn’t goes out the way I wanted it to. Last year, I was thinking positive and enjoying life through experiences. It changed me in so many ways. I need to have that guy back again.

  13. Alicia:

    I think you can transform any experience in your mind so that you can be stronger.

    If someone blackmails you, you learn to never let it happen again. If a friend is too unstable to hang on, you learn to be reliable enough to hold on for them. If people shrug off your questions, you remember the experiences and make yourself into the teacher that you never had. If you grow up without knowing real friendship, you learn to be your own friend and find happiness alone with yourself. If you grow up with insults, you learn to use them as a driving force. And if you are pained by people in bad relationships, you learn how to be patient for the right person.

    If there is any strength to be had, it is from learning from past experiences and persevering.

  14. Kawwww:

    Love makes me strong. Love of my God, family, friends ect., 🙂

  15. jess:

    My experiences with my abusive father.

  16. Danielle:

    My dad’s traumatic brain injury

  17. Kris:

    My best friend died when I was 11. It was one of the worst things that could ever happen to me but taught me independence.

  18. Joxiana:

    I am openly gay in a place where it is not welcome, I fight for equality and I change the mind of as many people as I can.
    My children have friends now, through talking to their parents and letting the kids play together I am reaching the adults through the open minded children that my children play with…
    My kids stand with me they fight my fight to be accepted, they make me stronger because I know its not even their fight, they could choose to be embarrassed by me, but no they are proud.

  19. Leah:

    Study abroad. I had never felt so irrelevant to the people around me, so lost, so alone and helpless as I did in Japan–at first. Things got better when I decided to stick it out!

  20. Being sexually harassed at my workplace and having no support from my superiors when the incident was reported.

  21. Lo':

    Although living through a lifetime of verbal, physical, and emotional&mental abuse has left me pretty warped and distrustful of others, it forced me to develop an incontrovertible sense of humor and taught me how to distance myself from pain-I can escape from reality.

  22. Jon:

    Moving on the other side of the country when I was 10.

  23. Green Knight:

    Elementary school.

  24. amy:

    I accidentally fall in love with my friend, who is also inlove with someone else.

  25. Rayton:

    A sort of depression that blew up the bubble I was livivng in and made me struggle to get out of the social mess I was in.

  26. Kat:

    Life in general. The assholes I called friends in high school, the douche bag I dated soon after, the things I’ve failed at, the things I’ve been successful with, and now, the boyfriend that loves me for me through it all.

  27. Breutanan:

    I learned to love myself above all else.

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