Question 609

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45 Responses to “Question 609”

  1. Angria:

    Dishonesty and senselessness that results in harm to others.

  2. staying busy for the sake of staying busy

    lack of sleep


  3. Drew:

    Nihilism and Eminem.

    I have no idea why I hate him, he’s probably good, I’ve just hated him since I was little and never stopped. But everybody’s got something weird like that.

  4. Danielle:

    Close-minded people who do not accept anyone or anything that differs from their own life and beliefs. The way the world is run and how it’s all about money and power and not helping others and doing what is right.

  5. Anon:

    I dislike when people brag to me about anything I’m just like shut up I don’t care. I dislike when I don’t get enough of sleep.

  6. Michael:

    The two things that I hate are
    1: Arrogance/Selflessness
    and 2: Intentional Stupidity

  7. Sports that feature/exploit animals & sharing food. Can’t stand neither.

  8. sarah:

    1. cole slaw
    2. when people abuse the word “random.” for example: “omg rachel i’m so random” or “that was random”

  9. 1. bigots
    2. know it alls

  10. Tiva Joy:

    I don’t like it when people ignore the questions or texts or emails I send to them, don’t reply, nothing. I get so frustrated, but I just let them stay silent, unresponsive. If they wanted to reply or answer, they would have.

    I also don’t like it when people lie; they expect people to believe them, like I’m stupid or something. That really bugs me a lot, but I don’t say anything, I let THEM look stupid.


  11. Kawwww:

    1. Burmese military government fighting against my innocent people ( Kachin ethnic minority)
    2. All people who doesn’t support us. πŸ™

    P.s., Hello, friends, pray for my people!!!!

  12. Heather:

    abusing anything (drugs, alcohol, animals, people) you name it.

  13. Sera Smiles:

    1] Brussel Sprouts.
    2] Lack of consideration for others.

  14. discrimination or judgmentalism… and when love suddenly fades. πŸ™

  15. Lack of integrity and selfishness.

  16. ankita:

    Fake people who judge others by their status or befriend someone due to their status and wannabes peple who just copy others and are dishonest sheep

  17. Firefly:

    Aubergines and liars.

  18. Laila:

    Pretenders and narrow-minded people

  19. Wesley:

    Eating with your mouth open
    lying (especially just to make yourself look better)

  20. Mike:

    1. “Open-minded” people who bitch about closed-minded people. The stench of their hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    2. People who don’t want to learn.

  21. bsf:

    i have a lot of pet peeves, but my 2 main ones are…..
    people who say they’re fat-you should be happy with who you are
    and people who curse because they think it sounds cool-it doesn’t, it just makes you look like an idiot

  22. bsf:

    i’m revising my first one…
    it should really be GIRLS who say they’re fat

  23. Alena:

    1. people who tell sob stories to get people to feel bad for them
    2. mushrooms.. the vegetable

  24. Liz:

    Dishonesty, lies, lies, lies

  25. pnog:

    I’ll skip the usual ones that everyone hates: (biggots, liars, etc…) and try to say 2 unique ones.
    I dislike when people that say they will do something or go to something but than don’t do it. Even on facebook, it annoys me how many friends will say they are going to an event, but don’t show up. I’d really just prefer they said they weren’t coming. I know that sometimes things come up, but it happens too often.
    #2 is feeling powerless. I hate that feeling.

  26. Niv:

    1.Attention grabbers

  27. Jonny:

    1) Apathy
    2) Ignorance

  28. Bad manners and bad communication – we need more respect and greater talking if we want to stay together.

  29. N:



  30. Jon:

    People that make fun of gays, and then pretend to be gay every time you see them to the point where you’re wondering if they’re hatred towards gays is just a show to hide their own homosexual desire. I do not hate homosexuals though.

    and Gangsters.

  31. ratclw:

    All melon’s, mango, coconut.


  32. When people touch me. It produces a burning feeling. And needles. I pass out when I get vaccines.

  33. Alicia:

    Prejudiced people and bullies

  34. vcm:

    smoking and disrespect.

    1. HOMOSEXUALITY (Especially when it’s all about sex and in public)

    2. LIARS (The Truth is ETERNAL, so I stick with IT)

  36. erika:

    1. narcissists

  37. jes:

    1. Close-minded, religious, unintelligent, narcissistic people. i.e. pretty much every single Christian I’ve come in contact with.
    2. Salads. Nobody wants to eat rabbit food.

  38. Catherine:


    people who judge

  39. amy:

    The way I think about things

  40. Rayton:

    dishonesty and lack of alliance in regard of oneΒ΄s true wants.

  41. Alex:

    Dishonesty and Judgment.

  42. Julie Takase:

    liars and slow drivers!

  43. Jack:

    Close-mindedness and Distrust

  44. Melanie:

    1. Homophobia
    2. Religion

  45. I really really hate it when he say he’ll hang out and than makes an excuse ten minutes before we were supposed to.

    I really really hate it when I tell myself i wont talk to him again, and than i end up texting him five minutes later

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