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  1. Heather:


  2. Heather:

    oops because that is when I had to grow up. I only had one parent left and he was always gone. so i had to learn how to take care of myself. =) I’m a big girl now. lol I’m 19 now and on my own.

  3. Angria:

    I feel like every birthday, I consider myself an adult. But then the following year, I’ll look back and wonder what the hell was I thinking. I’ve always been a mature and grounded person, even when I was little. But, every new problem/crisis/experience has shown me that I still have more to learn and room to grow, about myself and others.

  4. Anon:

    sometimes i feel like i’ll never truly be an adult..i’m to spoiled

  5. Laura:

    I still don’t feel like an adult. Despite the fact that I’m in grad school now. I’m kinda hoping that “adult” feeling will kick in soon, actually, because I’m sick of feeling like a little kid masquerading as a grown-up.

  6. Drew:

    I’ll let you know.

  7. Danielle:

    Majority of the time I still feel like a kid and feel anything but an adult. But the first time I actually felt like an adult was when I was 17 when my dad sustained a traumatic brain injury. I had to take care of my younger siblings, help my mom out, deal with crazy extended family members, go to school, stay in my clubs/organizations, worked my job, and apply for colleges and scholarships. It all really made me grow up and actually feel like an adult.

  8. 22. When the things that used to upset me didn’t upset me anymore.

  9. Kawwww:

    at 16, feeling like i have to be matured and going on. Sadly i still am not. 😀

  10. V3nD1:

    17. I was surrounded by retarded people…

  11. Wesley:

    17. My parents left the state as I was graduating high school and I decided not to join them, so I had to learn quickly.

  12. Maia:

    18, when I had to learn how to live independently in a foreign country. It was also the first time I was exposed to poverty, and the first time that I had watched somebody die in front of my eyes. It really was the year I lost my childhood.

  13. Eight – my imagination and inner sense transported me forwards to the person I am now. I’ve tried to resist this thinking I was making it up, but it was real. The young me predicted the current me!

  14. pnog:

    There is no age, just moments. The first time I cooked a meal or was left at home. The first time I could drive. My first interview and job for a full time job. First time living on my own. First time living in a foreign country. There is no black and white. I’m much more adult-ish now, but there’s still more maturing I have left.

  15. Mike:

    40. Until then (and still subsequently), I often feel like I’m still as naive and as immature as I was when I was a spoiled, dumbassed teenager. Sure, I did some grown-up stuff: boarding school, apartment off campus in college, checking account, part-time job, learned to drive, etc. But that’s not what being an adult is all about.

  16. Justin:

    I was seven. My mom focused on my other sisters and so I feel like I have to teach myself things in order to be independent and understanding the world. But I didn’t learn how to be responsible until after my 21st birthday.

  17. Laila:

    I guess at 12 when I started thinking different then my friends. I was always more serious and grounded then my peers. But truly, right now is when I really feel like an adult: away from my family at college.

  18. Sandy:

    At 50 it still hasn’t happened. Long may it continue!

  19. Copper:

    I’m 20 and I still don’t feel like an adult.

  20. erika:

    as of right now, 15. I’ve always been able to take care of myself, but at that age, my parents were working like crazy and my sister got a job. So that left me all alone most of the time.

  21. TP:

    At age 17, I (perhaps prematurely) consider myself to be an adult, or at least adult-like. Much more than many of my peers have I let go of the conventional path for our social “class” and education, and, instead of staying cozily within the sheltering school, I’ve really tried to push the boundaries and discover who I am and what I truly want (not that I’ve discovered it yet, by any means).

  22. amy:

    I think its 12. Cause that time I started to feel like everyone turned into someone I cant lean on already

  23. Ashna:

    At 17- when I first moved to the States and began working to help my dad support the family.

  24. Alex:

    18. When i first moved off to college to live on my own. To live my own life and have my own responsibilities.

  25. Rayton:

    Many times I do consider myself an adult with whtever comes with it. But actually, during hard times especially or when beginning a new period or having a new expeirence,I sort of behave like I´m a spoiled kid. So I actually don´t know if I ever truly considered myself a grown up person.

  26. Breutanan:

    I’m still waiting for that moment. I’m 35.

  27. hexmage:

    12. And every year since I look back on myself and laugh at how much of a child I was. I suspect this pattern of mine will continue into my 20’s. :/

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