Question 626

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  1. Richard:

    I met my girlfriend, I got a new job, and I got engaged

  2. Heather:

    Hooray Richard!

    1. I got my dog (I don’t know how I lived without her before)
    2. One of my best friend’s parents took me in when my family wouldn’t
    3. I reunited with my mom’s side of the family for the first time in 10 years.

  3. amp52390:

    1-I was elected to a very important position by my peers
    2-I got the internship I want
    3-I met some wonderful people and made some really great friends (while eliminating some less than great friends)

  4. Anon:


  5. erika:

    1. Changed schools (i now go to a career and tech school for culinary) 😀
    2. Got my job at a pizza place
    3. recently bought a truck 😀

  6. Liz:


  7. sasha:

    -got my dog in january, he gets excited every time he sees me, even if i’m gone for five minutes. it always puts a smile on my face.
    -found out who my true friends are. and learned so much about myself and what i want.
    -got closer to my best friend…

  8. Blink:

    1 – I got in to Uni
    2 – I moved to a new city
    3 – I had the surgery I’ve been waiting years for

  9. Sound&Fury:

    1. Got the internship I’ve been wanting
    2. Celebrated my anniversary
    3. My dad is recovering from an illness he has been fighting for years

  10. Laila:

    Got into the university I wanted.
    Came to speaking terms with my ex.
    Became independent by moving out of my parents’ house.

  11. Anonymous:

    1. Broke up with ex.
    2. Met current boyfriend
    3. Got a driver’s license.

  12. Tessa:

    Not in the rank of order:
    – Got my cat <3
    – Nice holiday with good friends
    – Passed the exam

  13. Danni:

    1. Bought my Puppy <3
    2. Switched to a school I'm happy at.
    3. Moved on from the people who brought me down.

  14. pnog:

    1. Moved to Japan and got to experience culture / have fun.
    2. Experienced the big earthquake while living in northern Japan and got through it with almost no harm done to me or my friends and their families.
    3. Was able to save up a lot of money.

  15. Scott:

    1) Traveled to some beautiful places this summer.
    2) Began my student teaching at an elementary school.
    3) Made some great memories with family and friends that I hope to always remember.

  16. Wesley:

    1) Fell even more in Love with an amazing girl <3

    2) Got that much closer to graduating from college.

    3) Participated in a Disneyland 5K with friends.

  17. Alicia:

    1. He’s still with me and he still loves me <3
    2. Ended a relationship that I should have ended years ago
    3. Rode a surf board for the very first time

  18. Old-fasioned Girl:

    1. I started my first book
    2. I started my second book
    3. I started loving country music more than I ever have

  19. Rob:

    My son came to visit for the first time in 2 years.
    I made a very good friend that I think will always remind me of some new life lessons
    I learned a few valuable things about myself

  20. anon:

    I met my best friend
    I met the best group of friends I have ever had
    I decided to listen to my calling

  21. Dianna:

    I quit my job!
    I spent time in France!
    I’ve begun my to follow my passion!

  22. amy:

    I met new friends, I became closer to my buddies and I started to know more about myself.

  23. Danielle:

    Passing all my classes. Starting to understand nursing. Learned to do what’s best for me and don’t change my plans for others.

  24. 1. loving relationship I now enjoy with my parentS
    2. the renewed friendships which I had neglected
    3. the overall lightness of being I feel – as if invisible walls around me expanded right out

  25. Ashna:

    1. Bought my first car
    2. Graduated from college 🙂
    3. Got a job

  26. Got kick out my mom house because we got in a stupied fight and my dad die Oct 15,2011 on home coming morning

  27. Breutanan:

    1. I learned to forgive and let go of the past. Thus leading to true happiness in my life.

    2. My heart was broken shortly there after. I remained happy because I forgave them.

    3. My health improved because happiness is a stress reliever.

  28. Rayton:

    1) I began feeling challenged. It’s not easy in the present moment but I’m sure it will ahve a tremendous effect on my development.
    2) I learned to appreciate things much more than before, including people I know and my own family.
    3) Graduated from high school and began my own life route.

  29. Courtney:

    1. Finally became more expressive of my thoughts & feelings with my friends.
    2. Really started thinking of the bigger picture.
    3. Graduated high school and got great grades this semester.

  30. Evelyn:

    Changing my studies, him and me being able to show my love.

  31. southerngirl:

    finished my teacher certification
    have a wonderful loving grandmother who turned 94 this year
    watched my cousin find a good man, get married and become a family

  32. 1.losing fifteen pounds along with alot of emotional weight and personal baggage

    2. meeting some amazing people in college, and feeling at home again

    3. realizing that im not perfect, my friends arent perfect, and neither is my family, and if i only focus on those imperfections i will never be happy

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