Question 627

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34 Responses to “Question 627”

  1. Angria:

    Speaking my mind and standing up for myself and others, regardless of how people will take it.

  2. Drew:

    Being the hopeful/philosophical kid. I talk about love a lot, so I get a lot of people who know me from that.

  3. Anon:

    the smart, short, and funny one.

  4. Gracie:

    always being the optimistic and eternally nice person

  5. Heather:

    being a big ray of sunshine!…and my best friend just said “being too humble?” lol she thinks that about me. how sweet.

  6. Alex:

    For my passion and attitude never to give up.

  7. Blink:

    For having a lot of issues and overcoming them. For working hard to turn my life around

  8. Wearing a purple tartan hat.

  9. Panda:

    Being a bit of a hippie and too sensitive!

  10. Having strange interests and basically living with a suitcase in my hand

  11. Everyone I know, know me as the smart musician.

  12. Sound&Fury:

    Smart, caring, meticulous, & hard-working.

  13. Kawwww:

    Active, Organized, Compassionate, Cupid 😀

  14. sasha:

    not good things….
    -my ocd, anxiety and flipping out randomly…

  15. Wesley:

    I’m known for being the one who is always at California/Disneyland when I’m out.
    …Work hard, play hard 😀

  16. Alicia:

    Honestly, I wish I knew…depends on who you ask, I guess.

    …I really wish I knew sometimes. I wonder about it a lot, and I’m probably better off not caring at all.

  17. Rob:

    I’m know for my motorcycle trips, always being there for my friends and my sense of adventure

  18. Christine:

    hard on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. sensitive. speak my mind. honest

  19. sarah:

    being from jersey

  20. EJ:

    Sensitive, caring, creative, creator, trusting, solo

  21. ankita:

    being confiedent,funny and a musican

  22. pnog:

    I think different groups of friends see different aspects of my personality. Some know me as a party-er that loves to dance, others as a nerdy academic, others as an activity organizer / planner. But I would like to believe that everyone knows me as an “optimistic and eternally nice person” (thanks Gracie)

  23. erika:

    my independence and just being myself and speaking my mind

  24. ratclw:

    Keeping everything straight and keeping everyone organized and having great advice.

  25. My smile. 🙂

  26. My friends say that i’m dramatic and crazy, and my family stays with crazy and lazy.

  27. bsf:

    always saying whats on my mind and telling the truth. not sugar coating things.

  28. amy:

    For being a silent type person

  29. Danielle:

    A future nurse. A lesbian.

  30. Alex:

    The quiet yet opinionated one. 🙂

  31. Rayton:

    The smart, less dominant person but who cares much about everyone.

  32. Evelyn:

    Doing artistic things.

  33. Claire:

    My strength, courage and silliness.

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