Question 633

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37 Responses to “Question 633”

  1. Adriana:

    An honest, sincere smile.

  2. Anon:

    my family.

  3. Caitlyn W.:

    Laying out in my backyard tanning in the warm sun

  4. Drew:

    Honest conversations.

  5. Liz:

    to have a long conversation with someone i trust;
    to be in my own surroundings and just be myself;
    to tan in the nude;
    a warm smile;
    a sincere compliment;
    to make love with the lights on 🙂

  6. Panda:

    The small group of my favourite people in the world

  7. S:

    My friends
    Lying on the ground

  8. Fishing.being in nature.

  9. Kawwww:

    My Mom’s patience, Sweet smile, Kind deeds

  10. Richard:

    Being with my Fiancée

  11. sasha:

    -being around someone i’m close to… i can put my gaurd down and be myself.

  12. Laila:

    Being able to be myself

  13. erika:

    music, nature, and being myself.

  14. pnog:


  15. anon:

    a rainy day, a sunset, an old friend, a hug, quiet time…

  16. Danielle:


  17. Leila:

    when i know people aren’t judging me.

  18. anon:

    Those legs

  19. z:

    when people are confident and at ease and the knowledge that the people im with wont hurt me purposefull

  20. Caitlyn W.:

    laying in bed or on the sofa watching TV with my head on his chest while rubbing his stomach and just feeling completely at peace.

  21. Meghan:

    being around someone who never judges you and knows all the ugly parts of you and still thinks that you’re beautiful. the warm sun on my face. a blanket. knowing that for a short while you will have no responsibilities.

  22. Heather:

    smiles. kindness.

  23. Jayne:

    Kicking back with a pair of Sanuk’s on my feet.
    Laying on my best friend’s couch with him while we laugh at nothing.
    Doing something that makes my heart race.

  24. Fate:

    Being in church

  25. Alicia:

    Relaxing, hugging with my boyfriend.
    Conversing with an intellectually based, kind, tolerant person in a one-to-one conversation.
    Walking through the Phoenix Zoo alone.
    Reading the Harry Potter books.
    Warm, non-rushed shower.
    Comfortable, non-rushed sleep.

  26. Sadies (From USA):

    Being with Him

  27. aaron lindsey(from colorado):

    just being around my girlfriend from texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. luq:

    siti idayu

  29. Bethany:

    Reading Harry Potter 🙂

  30. Rayton:

    Music and being alone for a while

  31. Caine:

    being in his arms.

  32. Evelyn:

    Ice Skating with my friends. I don’t know why, it just feels right.

  33. Claire:

    Not following society’s fashion trends. What’s the point of being uncomfortable? Sneakers, jeans and t-shirts suit me just fine.

  34. Lirika:

    MY Family and my love

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