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  1. Angria:

    Expecting things will be better in regards to my parents and family. I just need to let go of that hope because just as I think things are getting better, I am slapped in the face once again (metaphorically speaking).

  2. Caitlyn W.:

    people that have hurt me in the past but can use their words to persuade me to come back to them. I know I’m naive and I want to help people that I’ve cared about in the past. I can’t keep helping those who haven’t helped me grow.

  3. #@##@:

    rude people who bring you down. don’t let them get in your path to greatness

  4. depression. anytime.

  5. Anon:

    people that talk about you. it brings me down so much but i just need to think “forget them. it won’t matter what they say 10 years from now”

  6. Any kind of expectations. Better to be happy for what IS in the present.

  7. Drew:

    I don’t know if there’s really anything to avoid. But I know that there’s a lot of things that you need to put yourself through.

    You have to keep learning.

  8. erika:


  9. aislelba:

    the dumb bitches who completely ignore you. they vent out all of their feelings on the internet and act like they don’t give a fuck but then on the inside they really do. they over think everything and always act like its your fault when it never is. they act like they are depressed when they don’t even know the meaning of the word. when you try to reach out, they push you away, acting like its always your fault. just a warning, never make friends with people like this. it will only cause crap in your life.

  10. lovinlife:

    If you feel that your in a bad friendship and that it wont last, and you have given them so many chances that you can count on 2 hands, exit it immediately. Always give friends second chances, but when it comes to a third chance its not a mistake, its a choice. Find who your real friends are and stick with them through it all. Avoid the ones who just keep coming and going, because its not worth it. People change, and some things just don’t work out, get used to it. Don’t pity yourself and blame everyone else, it gets you no where. Most of all have enough damn courage to deal with the problem at hand instead of running away. If there is a serious problem where there is someone who is at fault, you should be able to confront them with legitimate reasons. If you cant, then guess who is the problem? you. So dont be so quick to talk shit if you cant go near.
    Avoid all those girls. Let them hate you for nothing and think life hates them. Who cares? Your still on their mind and they shouldn’t matter enough anymore to taint yours.
    i also agree with the aislelba chick lol

  11. ankita:

    bad people who influnce you to do bad thing

  12. Laila:


  13. Going back to the past – remember it, give thanks for it, but it’s now and today that matters. Whether we like it or not, life can only ever be lived one day at a time. Love the one you’re living!

  14. Grace:

    Facebook, chocolate, boys.

  15. pnog:

    I like John Sherry’s answer. I know too many people that reduce their current happiness by holding onto regrets about the past and how they would be so much happier if they did … (I , myself, also fall into this way of thinking sometimes too).

  16. sasha:

    -holding grudges and not completely forgiving people for hurting me. and not letting go of the past. i bring up the past and can’t live in the present.

  17. Fate:


  18. Courtney:

    comparing yourself/myself to others.

  19. Leila:

    you should avoid thinking of yourself as better than anybody else. avoid forgetting the golden rule. would you want more than a second chance? yes. doesn’t mean you deserve it. but if we treat people how we deserve to be treated, the world will be even more of a hellhole than it already is. avoid refusing kindness to people. always forgive..that doesn’t mean you have to let them hurt you again. but avoid holding onto grudges. they only hurt you. let go of those things that imprison you.

  20. Tom:

    envy, unforgiveness, unnecessary stress, Loud and lude people and behavior, selfishness.

  21. STYLM:


  22. Alicia:

    Bigotry, prejudice, over-confidence, selfishness, greed, hatred, excessiveness of a dangerous persuasion (examples: pride, food, etc.), drugs

  23. Guin:

    Escapism, perfectionism

  24. mac1:


  25. Danielle:


  26. Ashna:

    High and unrealistic expectations from others and self, perfectionism and procrastination as others said!

  27. Rob:


  28. Grac(ie):


  29. busi:

    being a single teenage mom, finish your studies, sort yourself out financially, then you can think about starting a family!

  30. Alex:

    Handling negative emotions in advanced!

  31. bsf:

    people who put you down and are mean. friends who aren’t really your friends and don’t care about you. people who don’t love or like you. stress and overworking yourself. too much junk food. not enough sleep. things like that

  32. luq:

    toxic people. junk food. negativity

  33. Alex:

    Avoid “what if’s”.

    For example “what if this person wont like me” “what if I fail” “what if….”
    It is horrible to live in the realm of what if’s….

  34. Rayton:

    medicority, settling for lower than my potential, negative thoughts.

  35. Julie Takase:


  36. Evelyn:

    My mother.

  37. Claire:

    Relationships! Boys require too much attention and friends always stab me in the back. To make it to where I want to be, I need to do it alone. Well, not entirely alone, fuzzy creatures are welcome.

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