Question 650

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35 Responses to “Question 650”

  1. Lockleigh:

    Reading books and listening to music.

  2. Anonymous:

    Right now? Skyrim.

  3. hillary:

    laughing 🙂

  4. Angria:

    procrastination…like what I am doing now.

  5. luq:


  6. yup:

    horseback riding!

  7. Laura:

    At the moment, Kpop music xD

  8. Heather:

    this site….and my best friend…but he doesn’t know it

  9. Justin:

    Reading and watching movies. I always think through those about other people’s lives and perspectives.

  10. Sarah:


  11. Robert:


  12. Kelly:


  13. Rob:

    Motorcycles. No doubt about it. During the off season I get cranky.

  14. Bread, hot from the oven, coffee shops, their vibe and culture, and the beautiful eyes of a woman you could gaze into until the end of time

  15. Video games. At the mo’ Skyrim.

  16. Isa:


  17. pnog:

    Studying/ learning

  18. Alicia:

    Running, hugs, spending time with loved ones, reading, writing, drawing, Ju Jitsu

  19. Danni:


  20. Heather:

    Rob i second that

  21. Alex:

    Chocolate 🙂

  22. Good times =)

  23. Cat:

    Trying not to grow up

  24. KB:

    horseback riding/ show jumping

  25. KB:

    & house music 🙂

  26. Mike:

    The interwebs.

  27. Frank:


  28. CM:

    alcohol…but I’m working to be free

  29. ;;;:


  30. New experience and challenges.

  31. ct:

    attention. vicodin. and music.

  32. kkb:


  33. Evelyn:

    Volunteering so I can forget everything else.

    To CM: You’ll really be happy without it ^^ Don’t give up!

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