Question 653

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  1. Fear of failing. Fear of rejection.

  2. Angria:

    Preschool through 8th grade. Maybe then the flashbacks will go away.

  3. Sarah:

    … to set my alarm, so I could sleep in tomorrow morning!

  4. SURYA:

    The Question must be framed as “What do you wish You want to remember?” Because forgetting is not an easy task for many people and remembering is!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kawwww:

    not forgetting but killing

  6. Wesley:

    I’ve gone through a few rough times, and bad memories but I would never wish to forget any of them as I learned something from each of them.

  7. Zoe:

    Nothing because every single thing that has happened to me has helped me grow and become stronger

  8. ankita:

    when despite everyone thinking your mature you make mistakes hurting people you don’t intend do

  9. what heartbreak feels like, so I didnt have to be afraid of it

  10. Heather:

    everything that tempts me to hold a grudge. Life is too short for that, so i try not to.

  11. Rob:

    Nothing. Everything I have endured to this point has made me who I am, and I kind of like me.

  12. Blink:

    I would like to forget the bad things I’ve done that have hurt people. I learn from everything I do and I know I wouldn’t be as conscientious as I am now, but I wish I didn’t keep the memories of their pain.

  13. Susanne:

    That my Dad passed away.

  14. Itay:

    The day I was raped by the man who claimed to love me. I would gladly accept that situation was partly my fault if I could forget the response the police in that part of NC gave me: laughing! I was still hiding my sexuality, but was concerned about others. SO I got the bravery to report a crime at the police station. I came out to a police officer with his demadning vivid detail which made me cry/shivver/re-experience the sadness, and I was told flat out that men can not get raped and even if they could; fags do not deserve protection! It has affected every aspect of my life still to this day. I am lucky that it is no longer a haunting experience to me, THANKFULLY!

  15. KB:


  16. That I’m human – there’s more to life than this life but the everyday hassles and mortal issues often take me away from that.

  17. Robert L:

    Absolutely nothing. Everything that happens shapes who you are.

  18. Nothing but also lots of things. Even if it made me what I am.

  19. Alicia:

    I don’t like the idea of getting rid of memories, but I would very much like to forget seeing my mother hit my dad. I wish I could go back to thinking there were limits.

  20. pnog:

    events in the past which have caused me to be embarrassed or self conscious today.

  21. Dawn:

    I wish I could forget the hurt and pain that I have experienced as a result of loving someone that wasn’t worth it…..

  22. Bev:

    Being sexually abused at ages 8, 9, 10, and thereby believing I was a sweet nothing!

  23. Shar:


  24. Shar:

    I would like to forget that he did what he did 🙁

  25. s:

    the boy who took my charm, my confidence, my smile, my dignity, and my mind. i’ve got mostly it all back, but the memories stir in my head far too often for comfort.

  26. jenna:

    i wish that i will forget the guy that hurt me so much….

  27. sasha:

    -how he looked laying in his casket. i hated it. i just want to remember the good times i had with him and his smile…not his lifeless body that looked nothing like him.

  28. houda24:

    i wish to forget the pain that i had of loving someone whodoesnt deserve it

  29. ct:

    losing my virginity

  30. kz:

    Anything that’s ever made made me feel insecure*

  31. Rayton:

    fear of failure

  32. Shane:


  33. Evelyn:

    How my mom hurt me all these years and how she decided drinking would be better than living with her children.

  34. Heidi:

    How it felt waking up after not succeeding to commit suicide. So cold, so scared, and so absolutely alone.

  35. C:

    I want to forget the pain inflicted on me. And no….pain does not make you better or stronger….it just hurts forever.

  36. Joleen:

    The pain, my class-mates used to do to me.

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