Question 660

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34 Responses to “Question 660”

  1. in the arms of the one I love…

  2. Angria:

    I can think of two people…

  3. Robert L:

    When im with the ones i love
    When im sleeping 🙂

  4. yup:

    when im on my horse

  5. Heather:

    no where. I haven’t yet found my niche. but if I had to pick a place that i was the most safe and secure is either in my bed or on a volleyball court.

  6. sasha:

    -with my mom-

  7. Gracie:

    wrapped in the arms of the person i love…

  8. Kat:

    I’m going to give the same answer as the rest… with the one I love 🙂 he makes me forget all my problems

  9. chels:

    with my psychiatrist. he’s awesome like the grandfather i never had…

  10. S:

    Weird as it sounds, hidden in the corner of a dark classroom.

  11. Joy:

    Tucked into the warm covers of my bed, “all systems down”, completely vulnerable yet peacefully sleeping:)

  12. ankita:

    im my home with my family
    in school in a class full of people

  13. valorie:

    swimming in the warm waters of Hawaii

  14. Alicia:

    In his arms, eyes closed
    In the water, submerged

  15. Strangely with a cup of hot tea in my hand – great memories of good times come from tea. It keeps me in a positive frame of mind.

  16. Wesley:

    Laying in bed lost deep in a hug with my girlfriend <3

  17. pnog:

    Bed. Even more so if there’s someone there with me.

  18. Rob:

    No where. I feel most at peace on my bike, but traffic and road hazards make that a non safe place. My home? Some days.

  19. kp:

    where? no where. when? when I’m praying.

  20. Mike:


  21. Jed:

    In an out of the way cafe in New York City where no one I know can find me. And all I need is a warm cup of chocolate and a worn out book.

  22. Guin:


  23. In My home.

  24. Budhyate:

    In a library

  25. Julie Takase:

    when im on my sofa with my best friend and my cat lays down with us. im at home with these 2.

  26. In my boyfriend’s arms.

  27. Marie:

    In Mr. D’s classroom. There was never drama, fights, or bullying in there. It has always been and always will be like a sancutuary to me. Even though he is no longer my teacher I still go back to him for advice and counsel and when I set into that room I often times feel nervous knowing that I am about to tell him what I have told no one before, but at the same time I feel so safe. I feel like I can tell anything and he will understand. There is no one else like that in my life. 🙁

  28. Rayton:

    AT home, in my bed.

  29. Shannon:

    In their arms

  30. Evelyn:

    Laying on the couch, watching TV with my dad.

  31. Joleen:

    somewhere by the sea. When it’s quiet and the sun is going down.

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