Question 661

Photo by: Eole Wind

29 Responses to “Question 661”

  1. Karla:

    seeing my grandsons

  2. Michael:

    I know i’m probably not the only one who as noticed this, but they have used this picture before. Just saying

  3. Robert L:

    Playing basketball
    Doing what i love to do.

  4. m:

    reading (:

  5. Travis:

    Hanging out with my best friend.

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  7. Rob:


  8. gonzalo:

    Surfing, watching the sunset, exploring…

  9. Heather:

    photographing my family

  10. Wesley:

    loving her, traveling, watching movies…

  11. ankita:

    hanging out with my loved family and friends and doing what i love to do

  12. pnog:


  13. ct:

    acting like a child.

  14. Saleem:

    Being a father

  15. christine:

    being extremely goofy and crazy fun… being weird… and visiting the ocean.. and going to china

  16. Hugging my three nieces

  17. anon:

    fighting for my life

  18. Julie Takase:


  19. cuspid:


  20. Maria:


  21. SPatri:

    Having my niece sit on my lap as we talk or read or whatever.


  22. Rayton:

    looking at the landscape outside the window, reading, learning.

  23. Ann:


  24. Shannon:

    Loving others

  25. Evelyn:


  26. Heidi:

    eating cereal…gosh I love cereal…ok and sleeping. I’m not stealing “m”‘s glory here, but seriously it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

  27. Lauren:


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