Question 668

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33 Responses to “Question 668”

  1. Robert L:

    I would do absolutely anything if i loved them enough

  2. m:

    if i loved them i would risk my life for them, even if i didn’t like somebody i would try to save them.

  3. Jack the Bear:

    to the limit

  4. Blink:

    As far as I had to. People are the most important thing in life. If I had to die for someone else to live, it’s meant to be. Who knows what that person will accomplish in their life, and maybe it’s my place to help that.

  5. Heather:

    I can’t honestly answer this anymore. It would depend on who it was in the moment. I always thought I would go to hell and back for my soon to be ex husband. I truly loved him and would have given my life for him. Now after the past year and what i’ve learnt about him, I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.

  6. Ashley:

    I would destroy everything that threatened them, if it came down to it. There would be no question, no ‘are they worth this?’, because if I loved them that is the answer.

    I would rip the world apart to save them. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. ankita:

    go through the ends because they’ve done so much for me.have no limts because even if I die in the proccess I could say I dies saving my loved ones but if i couldv save them but didnt cause limits are limits tehen i would never even sleep in peace knowwing i couldve somed my loved ones but i didnt

  8. Alicia:

    No limits. I’d go as far as necessary.

  9. b:

    i would do everything humanly possible for them.

  10. pnog:

    I feel most of these comments are quite naive. There are limits to how far I would go. As the most extreme example: I would not destroy the world to save someone I love. I don’t know if I could even kill one person to save them.

  11. susan:

    I would go the distance, whatever that distance may be.

  12. Cathy:

    This is an easy question for most to answer because most people have never been put in that position. I have realized that sometimes life just doesn’t work that way and sometimes we are called upon to watch someone we desperately love, die, and there’s not a single thing we can do, except just be there. So you see, sometimes the distance we think we’d be prepared to go just isn’t enough! I really challenge those who are reading or have replied to seriously understand that even the greatest of all distances sometimes, just can’t make a difference.

  13. Heather:

    I would lay down my own life for them. give anything of myself, everything I have, to save someone I love.

  14. Wesley:

    As far as necessary

  15. Michael:

    It feels good to say ” to the end of the line” or ” whatever it takes”, but in total honesty, not as far as I think I should…sorry, its not a TV show.

  16. Lazlo:

    to the Canadian border, but no further

  17. Julie Takase:

    to the moon and back… and then around again.

  18. Christine:

    I’d die for them to save their life

  19. Debbie:

    I would die for them….if thats what it took

  20. Incrediburgers:

    Whichever town is closest to Detroit. But not an inch further. God forbid…

  21. Maimai:


  22. Andy:

    Go to the ends of the earth and back, I would give my life and more for my loved ones

  23. Justin:

    I would do anything and everything for them even if I had to sacrifice everything including myself

  24. Shannon:

    Let them go

  25. Evelyn:

    Give my own life.

  26. Danielle:

    Hell and back.

  27. Jason B:

    as far as needed, within certain very wide limits

  28. Lauren:

    All… The…. Way….

  29. Melanie:

    As far as I have to.

  30. southerngirl:

    whatever it takes…

  31. Julia:

    As far as they needed me to go.

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