Question 675

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34 Responses to “Question 675”

  1. m:

    to sleep whenever i want to.

  2. Leila:

    completely in love with God

  3. Rob:

    I wake up somewhere warm, split my time between riding, my friends, learning and being of service to this world

  4. jw:

    To live with a peaceful satisfactory heart.

  5. Jenny:

    Not earning more, not spending more or saving more, but needing no more.

  6. Justin:

    To learn as much as I can about everything and anything, to make a difference, and to treat everyone as friends or as if they are family.

  7. Sarah:

    No worries

  8. Heather:

    I don’t need money or fashion or fame; I just need happiness, family, and my name. (the name part symbolizes the ‘who I am’ part) lol

  9. pnog:

    A life of purpose.

  10. Robert L:

    Only do things to others what you wish should be done on to you.

  11. Wesley:

    Working where I enjoy, doing what I like, with the person I love.

  12. Annabelle:

    Always doing what I want, with whom I want in any given moment all the while being in a state of happiness, joy and love. What I want and with whom may and probably would change as life unfolds.

  13. LulรบM:

    My ideal life would be do what I love that is helpfull for others, among the people I love and that loves me.

  14. vcm:

    at the present moment? simply complicated.

  15. mia:

    i am happy in such a way that when i wake up in the morning, i smile.

  16. Catherine:

    stress-free life

  17. S:

    Different from this.

  18. To have a loving and happy family/friends, with no concerns about not having enough time or money, and have a job that would allow me to grow and learn every single day as an entrepreneur.

    Thank you so much for asking the question! I feel much better now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. JakiChase:

    I would be happy, doing what I love, with the people I love.

  20. Maria:


  21. Debi:

    Living on the beach, with no one to take care of but myself!

  22. Rayton:

    Adventurous expolration of everything there iswith loving people besides me.

  23. Shannon:

    The one I have now, which has shaped and changed me to be the best person I can be.

  24. Evelyn:

    Free and loving.

  25. Pia:

    One that is authentic….

  26. Danielle:

    Happy, healthy family and friends with great music, laughter and money to waste. ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Luke:

    Nothing more and Nothing less.

  28. Heidi:

    In a sentence? I can do it in a word. —-> Saitisfaction

  29. Heidi:

    oops sorry guys…typo *satisfaction*

  30. Lauren:

    I am living it…

  31. Hane:

    Living a solitary life somewhere in Europe.

  32. Marie:

    Completely safe, happy, and strong in the arms of God.

  33. Joleen:

    A job that I like (or better: love), a family, two dogs, a cat, maybe in Australia, or wherever I love it. I think, my perfect life would be, that every dream will come true ๐Ÿ™‚

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