Question 694

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  1. Robert L:

    I think many people dont use their time wisely…i dont more often than i do.

  2. Blink:

    The fact that they have running water.
    That they can have an education without fear of death.
    That they have food on their table without worrying where the next meal is going to come from.
    That they have time to spend with their loved ones, it could be the last moment next time.

    EVERYTHING is taken for granted. It shouldn’t be.

  3. Lazlo:

    …their inalienable rights. You know, the ones they’d rather give away for the illusion of security.

  4. Heather:

    family and time. precious time

  5. ubbrellagirl:

    Security, we don’t need to live in fear, wealth we can go buy jeans and banannas at our local store and not have to pay threw the nose, freedom, freedom is not free it has a huge price whether you look at it as American freedom or religious forgiveness its taken for granted

  6. sunup:


  7. nikita:


  8. Cindy:

    Their health.

  9. LulĂșM:

    The very next day, our and minute.

  10. ankita:


  11. Wesley:

    I agree with Cindy …health.

  12. dada:


  13. E:

    Their siblings. After everything’s gone, they’re the only ones that are left.

  14. jw:

    living without goals

  15. Tony:

    Things they dont need

  16. Rachel:

    their parents, and the basic stuff they have- like food and shelter.

  17. Firefly:

    Other people

  18. melody:

    Health and the things we have rather than the have nots.

  19. Pia:

    Their bodies…..

  20. Michelle:


  21. Gabrielle:

    I think people take their parents for granted. I used to take mine for granted. My mother died 9 years ago and that has really opened my eyes. You don’t know when someone’s time on earth is up. You should be thankful for the people who love you and show your gratitude while they are living because when they are gone you no longer have the chance to.

  22. good statement

  23. etna:


  24. Rayton:

    The sun, the air and the help and support of people around them.

  25. Danielle:

    Their family because they think they have a right to get everything that they get from them without giving anything in return.

  26. Jason B:

    health, freedom, family, good food and clean water

  27. Bk:

    Life and time

  28. Lauren:

    Air, water, comfort and convenience….

  29. Me:

    Our loved ones

  30. GBJoker:

    Sight, and to a degree, the rest of the senses. Losing even part of one from day one of your life makes you use more. How odd that those who have all 5 working at full capacity don’t hardly use them.

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