Question 695

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  1. Robert L:

    Someone who is very courageous about things but is always modest about it

  2. Audrie:

    Someone who has worked hard to become the person they wanted to be.

  3. m:

    someone who sleep a lot.. gay people

  4. AM:

    Underdogs who overcome adversity to get what they want.

  5. Leena:

    Someone who isnt afraid to be, and embrace themselves. They dont hol back what they have to offer the world. Positive people who have been through adversity yet remain optomistic and smile. People with ambition and a love for live.
    I believe these kind of people affect and inspire those around them in a truely positive way 🙂

  6. E:

    Those who are accepting. Accepting everyone will get you so far in life. And those that are funny. It’s so important to realize that life will be hell without a sense of humor. I also look up to those who know the value of family. The matriarchs and patriarchs of families that are close inspire me. Creating that bond is so important.

  7. jacqui:

    When we see a beautiful butterfly with its wings closed sitting on a branch we may over look it
    it blends in as part of the ‘ordinary’landscape like people that are in our lives
    when it stretches its wings and takes flight it becomes breathtakingly beautiful and extraodinary
    reminding us that in the ordinary comes the most extraordinary a metaphor for relationships perhaps

  8. ankita:

    people who have suffered a lot in their lives and yet always pray for everyone but them
    people who help people like parents who adopt disabled children
    this cruel world really is filled with beutiful people,I think everyone has their beutiful inspiring side but many people think od themselves ans being a minor in important.

  9. Laila:

    The type of person who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it while staying true to themselves.

  10. Heather:

    a go-getter and a person who has courage. there is a difference between bravery and courage. Bravery is when a person goes into the lions’ den for the first time, blind to what is to come. Courage is when someone goes into the lions’ den once again.

  11. rob:

    someone like me

  12. jw:

    someone dislike me

  13. Drew:

    Somebody with their shit together.

  14. melody:

    Someone who is successful in doing the things I would like to be successful at.

  15. Pia:

    Someone who feels free to do what makes them happy despite what other people may think about them. People who live an authentic life.

  16. Cheech:

    Ben Breedlove, that’s inspiration.

  17. StarBlankie:

    Someone who does what he does with only that one purpose; to live his passion.

  18. Danish:

    The ones who can have fun.

  19. Isabella:

    The quiet ones. The ones who give so much and don’t ask for anything in return. Those who don’t have to brag about who they are and what they do. The ones with beauty on the inside and radiate it to everyone around them.

  20. Danielle:

    People who have confidence and their own style. Smart, independent women who go for what they want.

  21. Fiona:

    People with no ulterior motives, and sincerity.

  22. Rayton:

    People who follow their dreams, who fulfill their destiny and are not afraid to do it all for themselves, and fail inthe way. I am inspired by people who get great at the things they like, who communicate well with peole and behave nicely, smart people with extra-ordinary ideas and desires.

  23. Bk:

    Honest, Faithful, and successful in their work.

  24. Lauren:

    Someone who drives me to want to inspire others…

  25. Me:

    someone who is just himself/herself and has that fire inside to do something in life

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