Question 698

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  1. vcm:


  2. Sar:

    my health

  3. Jenny:

    Life. Just recently, someone I barely knew passed away at the age of 23 because of lupus. I don’t know, but I cried, and I still am. She was a great dancer and a great performer. I am focused on living up to her memory. Tomorrow, I have a performance, and it will be one of the greatest ones. I appreciate living, performing and laughing.

    August 13 – January 24

  4. m:

    sleep.. my health, i’m only 15 and i have a growth defect that i just found out when i was 13 but i’m proud that i’m still here today and that is not going to stop me from doing anything! (:

  5. V3nD1:

    Time and health.

  6. Ð:

    Life,sometimes when you see some disabled people you come to know the value of being normal.
    We should stop crying about what we don’t have and rather start enjoying what we have,because if you keep on thinking what you don’t have,you will miss onto what you have.
    So enjoy you life with what you have,and work hard to reach where you want to be.

  7. Drew:

    Music, God I love music.

  8. Robert L:

    Once you ve grown older, you start to value life itself because you only get one.

  9. Nina:

    Time…and good friends.

  10. StarBlankie:


  11. Wesley:

    Earth. The older I get, the bigger the world seems, the more I appreciate it, and the more I want to explore it.

    The day I got a bike, the world suddenly became bigger than my neighborhood.
    The day I got a license, the world became bigger than my city.
    The day I got a job\income, I was able to go even further on my own and the world seemed that much more interesting 🙂

  12. Leila:

    Love. I remember thinking when I was little, “Man, how come EVERY SINGLE song on the radio is about love?!?” And now I completely understand why. =)

  13. MRC:

    Life, in all of its complexities.

  14. Leena:

    Sleep. Free time. Energy and health. The important people in my life that i care about. 🙂

  15. Richard:

    A relationship with God

  16. Lazlo:

    I’m with StarBlankie – silence.

  17. xx:

    My mom.

  18. dada:


  19. jw:

    the time left for me

  20. sasha:

    life- how you only get one and what i’m doing with mine. i’m only 19 but i feel like time flies by and i have nothing figured out

  21. Danish:

    The different ways people express their love. Sometimes you don’t understand or you have to listen more carefully to catch the feelings.

  22. Alexandra:

    health.. now that Im having problems

  23. Firefly:


  24. Alicia:

    My body. It’s very easy to hate your body for any number of reasons, but it’s worth the effort to realize just how incredible it is. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve met a lot of people whose bodies did not allow them to do things I could: walk, speak clearly, comprehend information, to name a few.

    Even if you can’t love your body, you have to at least give it due respect.

  25. Danielle:

    Family. The things they’ve done that I took for granted. Still working on it..

  26. Heather:

    My relationships with my sisters.

  27. Fiona:

    The incredible amount of opportunity out there, despite what so many people seem to think.

  28. Courtney:

    Time, Youth & Potential

  29. Luke:


  30. UC_86:

    1. My family.
    2. My friends.
    3. That aging isn’t for sissies.

  31. Rayton:

    Returning home, and having free time for myself.

  32. Jason B:


  33. Bk:

    Life, family and time

  34. Moni:

    time, sleep, health, friends

  35. Lauren:

    Struggle, pain, time and the wonders of the human body….

  36. Me:

    My ownself – there was a time in my life when I used to hate myself.

  37. wendi:

    simple sunsets, ..childrens laughter

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