Question 699

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  1. Patty:

    how very unhappy I am

  2. Megan:

    I’ve been raised Jewish my whole life, but this past summer I realized I was an atheist. Recently, however, I’ve been considering deism, the belief in a divine being that created the world but is not actively involved in human affairs. Whenever I have a little quiet time, I sometimes go back and forth between atheism and deism in my head. I’m still undecided

  3. Kat:

    If my boyfriend doesn’t start to show that he actually cares about me again and that he wants to make this work, then our year and a half long relationship will end within the next week.. :/

  4. xx:

    Am I going to get into a good college?

  5. Drew:

    Whether my girlfriend is pregnant or not, whether God exists. Things like that.

  6. Billy G:

    I’m passed ‘retirement age’. I’ve been unemployed for 2 1/2 years out of the last 5 and I’m broke but still professionally viable. Will I live to be able to retire or die trying?

  7. Avery:

    that I need to make some action or movement towards coming out soon, or I’m will probably be misereable for the rest of my life.

  8. Bart:

    Whether it’s worth the suffering to remain a Christian

  9. Tessa:

    thoughts like: It’s okay to eat, it’s okay to smile and laugh!

  10. Robert L:


  11. Wesley:

    I’m going on a cruise this summer!


    Wow, three semesters until graduation.


  12. Mike G:

    When will I figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life?

  13. There must be more than this.

  14. jw:

    whether she cares about me

  15. Danish:

    How could I forget all that? Why can’t I remember you better? Why do I treat everyone like crap. Why don’t I ever talk to anyone. Why is society like this?

  16. Sadies (From Ohio, USA):

    If he’s telling me the truth when he says there’s nothing going on with her.

    And what he’ll say if I tell him I think I’ve fallen in love with him.

  17. Kristen:

    Is it worth marrying my fiance before I graduate college even if we lose our parents respect in the process?

  18. Blink:

    What I really want, whether I’m going to hurt her, how I can spend time with everyone and still work.

  19. dada:

    where the hell disapeare that love he was showing me last 10 months,
    why is that happening to me again,
    is it my falt,
    how long it will took me to recover and be able to love again,
    why he dont want to talk with me,
    does his kids misses me and will I ever see them again
    is my brazilian depilaton going to hurt today 🙂

  20. Alexandra:

    The fear of my boyfriend dying, and why I can’t sleep when everyone else sleeps… Why I wait to hear from people to sleep, its weird.

  21. Lazlo:

    what keeps making that weird noise every night when i’m trying to sleep?

  22. Schlomo:

    I’m not sure if trying to save my friendship with my best friend of 5 years would be worth it. A mutual friend told me last week that she has said she doesn’t want to be friends after high school. Too bad I’ve been battling that thought for two years.

  23. Firefly:

    Our anniversary, his birthday/birthday party plans, career, part time jobs.

  24. Should I stay in this relationship and try to make it work,knowing deep down how unhappy I am!!!!!

  25. Lora:

    Something needs to change, because I’m not really satisfied with my life right now. I’m not miserable, but I’m bored. The question is how to change? And in the back of my mind, I know the answer to the question. So the real question, really, is why am I so unwilling to change? My mind keeps saying, “Go for it! Go! Do it!” My body just won’t listen.

    The other fleeting thought is why do I turn to jell-o around guys? It’s like I’m back in middle school again, too terminally shy to talk to guys unless I absolutely have to. Only it’s not so cute and endearing anymore…

  26. guys:

    you wanna fuck?

  27. Alicia:

    What are my dreams [that I have while sleeping] trying to tell me?

    Why is it that even though I never see her, the thought of living with her for even another summer penetrates my dreams, poisons my daydreams, and motivates me to do whatever it takes to be completely independent?

    What do I really want for myself when I graduate?

    Why do I hear more from my friends when they’re studying abroad half-way around the world than when they are in the same state or city as me…?

    I don’t consider him a friend anymore.

    Why do I compare myself to others so much? When did this start?

    Am I still keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions?

    I’m not the same person I was a year and a half ago, am I?

  28. Caitlyn:

    Will I ever end up with the right person? And how can I just let myself go and not rely so much on guys?

  29. Isabella:

    Take time off and travel…and possibly start a blog

  30. Danielle:

    Being worried about what other people think while being annoyed at myself for not being the bad ass I want to be!

  31. Heather:

    Why am I always a sucker for the wrong guys?

  32. Fiona:

    How these patterns keep showing up in my life of friends who constantly put me down and are surprised whenever I lash out…and whether I’m afraid of leaving them because I can’t lose all of my friends again.

  33. Debi:

    Why can’t I change the things that need to change…

  34. just_jess:

    the disciple meeting that will be taking place tomorrow, the fact that they have no case against me and the fact that i have this meeting even though i am being made redundant and i finish in 6 weeks…

  35. m:

    That people in this world need to start being nicer, and kinder to one another. And that our society is pulling us further, and further away from God, and we need to pull ourselves back.

  36. UC_86:

    How very much I miss my almost 9 month old granddaughter that passed away…

  37. buffy:

    My future, financial security.

  38. Bk:

    my future, financial security, stability in life.

  39. Debbie:

    What if …

  40. Moni:

    what am i gonna do with my life?

  41. Heidi:


  42. Lauren:

    ‘Man… why oh why, do you keep standing in the way of your own joy Lauren? Get it together.
    Learn it, Live it, Love it….
    Simple .
    Now GO!’

  43. Me:

    Can I do better that what I am doing right NOW?

  44. Anonymous:

    Doe she like me? Everybody says so… But does he really like me? For real?

  45. sandy:

    What am i going to do with my life after high school?

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