Question 701

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  1. Robert L:

    I learned to teach myself there are many other ways to do things rather than the one i see at first.

  2. Blink:

    I’ve learnt to be patient with life, and that I can do far more than I think.

  3. Lacey:

    I am a good parent?

  4. Caitlyn:

    I’ve learned that I need to stop looking for validation from others and accept myself as I am and love myself for who I am, not for what my body or writing skills or generosity has to offer.
    I’ve learned that I don’t need to keep making others happy because I should focus on making myself happy above all things.
    And I’ve learned that no matter what, feelings will always affect me and they will effect my choices I make and I need to learn day-by-day, how to keep them in check and make decisions because it’s the right thing, not just because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or my own.

  5. Kat:

    I’ve learned that I can look past my past and move on and live for myself, I have also learned that I actually do have good traits both physically and mentally, that when I push away the comments HE told me for those 7 months I an actually be kind of happy 🙂

  6. Ð:

    Well this past year had a lot to offer me.I started working harder and saw the results,I was very happy.But again the real test started when I started failing again,I went off-track.I’ve still not reached that position again,but this experience has made me learn more than what I could have learned while I was successful.I learned that it is more difficult to work hard when things aren’t going your way,terribly at that one.But I am trying.Everything they say,even the simplest ones,like ‘never give up and you will reach where you want to be’,or ‘be positive’ has great importance.I used to think that they are not practical,but you come to know about the immense value of these when I just stuck to it,persevered,though I wasn’t successful a lot,but it matters a lot to persevere and never give up the hope and faith in yourself even if it seem stupid to you.Just keep on working towards your goals,no matter whether succeed or keep on failing time immemorial,but just stick to it.I’ve learned to be myself,let my self be what I am ,whether others like it or not.But what if others like you and you are someone else,that you are not natural.You doubt when someone likes you that whether that will happen again or not whether you will be able to do that again or not,but when you are your true self you don’t need to worry a lot about whether you can do it again.You know you were natural and if they like you, it’s just because they like they way you are and you don’t have to do something special.

    But no matter What I will keep on trying and one day I will definitely become what I want to be……………..
    As the chinese proverb goes ‘Fall seven,stand eight’

  7. Michelle:

    This past year I have learned to open up more.. I have always been a shy person and the past couple of years I have been hurt a lot from the people I love, so I’ve only built up more walls… but lately I’ve finally been able to break through the barriers to show people who I really am and not be afraid anymore. Just because I have been hurt by some people doesn’t mean that I should hide myself from everyone else. I am still in the process of not caring what people think about me I push more and more everyday to be myself so I can live my life to its full potential.. that is my goal for this next year 🙂

  8. LulúM:

    That I do have a problem controlling the way I drink, I am not precisely an alcoholic but was walking straight to become one.
    That I am a fantastic person, loving, caring and that I don’t need to be a people pleaser in order to be loved.

  9. Tobias:

    I’ve learned how resilient and adaptable I am. I can adapt easily to most situations; it doesn’t mean it’s the end.

  10. Sandy:

    I have learned just how connected my mind is to my state of health. That I am quite fragile healthwise. That I am totally supported and loved.

  11. jw:

    the things i want most

  12. Cari:

    I learned something this year very profound that erased all the guilt and feelings of inadequacy I’ve had for YEARS. I thought I wanted to be a nationally-renowned horse trainer with lots of marketed products and lots of followers. But I just couldn’t take the steps to become that person. Now I know that I am not that kind of person, never was. I just thought that that’s what successful horse trainers did. If I had followed that path I wouldn’t have kept learning about new ways to train- better, more humane ways. I wouldn’t have grown into the trainer I am right now. I am me! I don’t owe a bunch of people a certain package of my abilities. I am free to be who I am and I love me (and the horses).

  13. Lauren:

    That I am fully capable of becoming everything I knew I could become in my life…

  14. Wesley:

    Off the top of my head in the past year I’ve learned a lot more about how to love someone, and I think I found my limits as far as how much I can take on at once. For a semester I worked 50 hours a week, took a really tough 10 credits at college, and barely made it through everything successfully. I will be sure not to do that again, and probably couldn’t have done it last year without my girlfriend beside me along the way. 🙂

  15. m:

    that i need more sleep..nothing

  16. dada:

    that love is never enough …

  17. I learnt in the past year that I was stronger that I thought I was 🙂

  18. Isabella:

    Theres no such thing as failure if you tried your hardest. Just because your dream didn’t work out doesn’t mean there are no alternatives. It’s a big world out there, never live in a box. Make your own decisions, never be influenced as they don’t know you as well as you do. Be wise, be foolish, make mistakes and learn lots. It’s all part of life.

  19. Beth:

    That I am stronger than I ever thought I could possibly be. That I could lose my best friend of 27 years to suicide, get divorced, lose my job and still find a way to smile, make others smile and give to those who are less fortunate, when frankly I wasn’t certain I could even get out of bed most days.

  20. Courtney:

    You get what you give.

  21. Kurt:

    I can love someone more than myself.

  22. Danielle:

    More about the person I am and want to be. I’m also my worst enemy!

  23. Heather:

    that I have a lot more learning and growing up to do.

  24. Fiona:

    I’ve learned how I handle the realities of life when confronted with them, and how I handle stress. I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn and I have a long way to go before I can say that I am self-actualized. I’ve realized many of my strengths as well as weaknesses, and have started to explore what I am capable of doing. It’s been the hardest year of my life so far, but also the one where I finally started to grow up and reach beyond myself.

  25. Lo':

    I let people use me & push me around because I get attached to them, & I don’t want them to leave me.

  26. Rina:

    Love should be taken with a grain of salt. Heartbreak takes months, if not years, to heal completely. Happiness is earned, as well as confidence. Depression still nags at me, after four years of trying to get better.

  27. The deep blue:

    I have learned that in this life we live, we must not spread hate, but we must try to understand others. We must be real with people and not lie. Be yourself, be honest and true. This life we have is too short to be angry at people. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there that get me mad, but i must understand where they are coming from sometimes. We must have empathy, spread joy, try to make as many friends as you can. Be happy with what you do. Enjoy just waking up every morning, because being alive alone is pretty awesome. Enjoy the friends you have, the experiences you go through. Always be honest,loyal and true to your friends and loved ones, because they might not be there tomorrow. Enjoy the fact that you have people in this world that care and listen to you. I have learned to take chances you only live once, but make smart choices lol. To have confidence in everything you do, no matter what people say believe in yourself and others will too. But most of all appreciate all of the things that have happened in your life weather good or bad because in the end those experiences have shaped us into who we are today and Never give up, like Ð: Chinese proverb ‘Fall seven,stand eight’

  28. Jack:

    That I can always be better

  29. Luke:

    That there are more Trial ahead.

  30. Piper:

    I’ve learned that I don’t suck and everyone is not out to get me. I have become a grown up

  31. Ria:

    That I can adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, live a different life.

  32. Gerry K.:

    That there really are people out there who will like me for who i am, not who i want to be

  33. just_jess:

    as i’ve been preparing to pack up my life and go overseas over the last year, i have learnt that i rely on other people too much

  34. Melanie:

    That I need to learn how to deal with my problems instead of just avoiding them.

  35. C:

    I really hate pain!

  36. Hane:

    I am patient and forgetful.

  37. Marit:

    That I can and need to provide my own backbone to make things happen; not rely so much on others.

  38. Julia:

    That I love being in silence.

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