Question 703

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  1. Tracy:


  2. Ravi:


  3. m:

    definitely not sleep..probably gangs

  4. Danni:

    Taking stuff out of ovens; as mine has a tendency to snap shut on people, I’ve become slightly paranoid.

  5. jw:


  6. Blink:

    Hurting people. And confrontation

  7. Ð:

    Trying to sit among groups and talk with people I know as such but am not familiar with,because I am a kind of reserved person and find it difficult to become comfortable with people quickly.

  8. Nina:


  9. Sabe:


  10. Courtney:

    I won’t lie, responsibility most of the time.

  11. Danielle:

    I always try to avoid thinking about things that stress me out.

  12. Rob:

    I avoid choices that I’m simply not ready to make yet, sometimes this allows things to work themselves out for me, sometimes it forces me to make a choice at a later time

  13. Mike G:

    Conflict. And social interaction.

  14. Danish:

    Sharing my feelings, talking to people, getting things done, asking questions, awkward moments, problems…… basically life.

  15. Heather:


  16. winston:


  17. Fiona:

    Rejection, and making enemies.

  18. Robert L:

    I try to avoid things i hate, but one day or another i’ll have to face it head on..

  19. Wesley:

    Lying. No good can come of it in the end, and it will just make people lose trust in you.

  20. Alicia:

    Parties. I really don’t like the atmosphere, the crowd of people, the music, and the occasional pressure to dance.

    I also avoid medical personnel, as I haven’t had many good experiences with people in that field.

  21. dada:

    problems, pain, Conflict – and that is probably my problem in relationships !

  22. Amber:

    Being the center of attention

  23. Richard:

    negative people

  24. DC:


  25. Debi:

    painful decisions

  26. ankita:

    negative fake eople,hate,

  27. bsf:

    people who are fake and try to be someone they’re not

  28. Becca:


  29. The truth!

  30. Ria:

    Answering telephones.

  31. Jason B:

    illogical violence

  32. Rayton:

    Asking for too much

  33. Debbie:

    I try to avoid conflicts and painful decisions.
    I hate being hurt, but I hate hurting someone else even more.

  34. Lauren:

    What will create me own happiness….

  35. Lauren:

    Oops…. ‘my’ happiness : )

  36. aaron pennington:


  37. Úna:

    The popular kids. I know it’s dumb, but they make me kinda nervous. Their presence tenses me up, bringing on my tough girl act.

  38. Lauren:

    The cynics… although, I embrace all my critics. I have found that a great separation resides between the two….

  39. Me:

    Hurt people

  40. Melanie:


  41. Marit:

    Conflict … definitely.
    But I’m still figuring it out; all I see right now is my own avoidance behavior that’s so ingrained I can’t even see what it is I’m avoiding anymore.

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