Question 713

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30 Responses to “Question 713”

  1. xx:

    Other people

  2. S:

    Each other

  3. Asker:


  4. Ravi:


  5. Anna:

    The healthful pursuit of happiness.

  6. Dorothy:

    People need to think about and try to become more like the persons they admire most for their love, caring, and compassion.

  7. Leena:

    Themselves. Other people. Dreams. Our earth. Animals.

  8. m:


  9. Blink:

    Other people and how they treat them

  10. UC_86:

    How many Constitutional rights Americans are losing due to president Barack Obama’s actions.

  11. dada:

    girlfriends 🙂

  12. Daniel:

    God and others

  13. Danni:


  14. Tunder:

    Their passion.

  15. Alicia:

    How their actions affect others, with “others” being people, animals, and environment.

  16. Ria:

    The hungry, the poor.

  17. Nina:

    Being a good overall person.

  18. Wesley:

    Agreed, how they’re actions affect others.
    Thinking: “If I do this, what happens to those around me?” or
    “What would I think if someone else did this?”

  19. JHo:

    Their integrity. Their actions.

  20. Jude:

    The way we treat each other, this society is lacking in compassion.

  21. Themselves and others. Not a “need” yet preferable for creating a greater and more fulfilling quality of life.

  22. Cara:


  23. Malak:

    simple stuff …

  24. Betty Ann:

    …everyone and also yourself. The more you lOVE yourself the More you can LOVE others.

  25. Sophia:

    Like many others said.. other people.

  26. Lauren:

    Where we are headed as a nation, and the ignorance that will destroy it….

  27. Rayton:

    To truly care about other people, because so many people honestly care only about themselves.

  28. Me:

    the current state of our relationships – we seem to have forgotten our need for them!

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