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  1. Ck:

    The American Dream to me is living completely and never giving up. It’s knowing that on this land we could yell at the tops of our very lungs what we thought and could not be brought down for it. It’s knowing that you can be an Irish and Sicilian but above all be American.

  2. Bethany:

    white picket fence, a dog, happy marriage, 1 son, 1 daughter, honor roll students w/ a college fund, financialy stable w/ job security, weekly going to church… think 1950s suburban family lol

  3. Jake:

    The concept of the american dream is a fowled thing for me. The original concept even irks me. It wasn’t ever freedom. It was a stable job, with kids and a nice home. It was maybe a dog, maybe the neighbors over for dinner. It was maybe dad getting to drunk one night, and accidentally hitting mom. It was ignoring anything that wasn’t picturesque, to maintain the fragile concept of “living the dream”. I’m sure that not all families are dysfunctional (my example never happened to my family). But the ‘american dream’ is something that I could never want. It steals my freedom, and my future. I’m sure to some people it is nice and comforting, but they are probably sheep.

  4. Madrykson:

    Conformity – but that’s not always a bad thing

  5. Hannah:

    The american dream for me is choice. We all have the freedom to choose wether we want the white picket fence or something different. We can go to college and get a job or not. Its all up to us.

  6. Cassie:

    This will be offensive to people who read the answers, probably offensive to a lot of people but this is my opinion, so sorry if it offends you but it’s my honest to God opinion: Literal and ACTUAL equality. For all sexual orientations, races, religions, mental abilities, ETC. And none of that “this is what -insert some sort of religious context, like the Bible- says! It’s wrong!” crap as religion and politics should remain seperate. /possibly offensive rant.

  7. Kayleigh:

    My American dream? Living out my life in a house on a quiet suburban street, where my kids can go to a good school that gives them a truly well-rounded education, and I have a job that I enjoy. It means enjoying summer evenings, laying on the bed and watching the snow fall, and playing fetch with the dog. It means not having to worry–for myself, my loved one, and especially, for my children.

  8. Violin:

    It means America’s failure to perceive its existence.

  9. Abtin:

    Cheeseburger and freedom fries. High cholesterol, bigotry, and ignorance. Land of the greed, home of the slaves.

  10. Rich:

    A decent income,nice home,loving family and free time to enjoy.sounds good but I have never had that.

  11. HarriettsPlace:

    Freedom to make choices regarding such matters as to the quality of my life. i.e.: my education, my home, whom I choose to share my life with, which restaurant I shall dine in this evening, which physician or medical facility I shall get my yearly check up in – Basic rights stuff.

  12. Nic:

    America is a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY… thus the “american dream” would involve more than 15 countries’ beliefs

  13. The Rev:

    The ability to live a life of service.

  14. Dr Bizarro:

    ACTUALLY? The right/privilege to pursue my vision of happiness unencumbered by the interference or dictates of any other person, persons, group, or corporation except by provision of stature or law, understanding that statue and law can be subject to challenge and revision through the process of juris prudence. This is fundamental to anyone’s pursuit of the “American Dream” however they define it. Achieving the American Dream is NOT a right or guarantee; PURSUIT is what’s guaranteed by the constitution and Bill of Right. In the exercise of this right, individual may interfere with each other until that interference is mitigated or eliminated by mutual agreement, civil discourse, or legal action.

    Seems like an awful lot of caveats and limitations, but I think those are intended to protect us from each other in our several pursuits of that elusive condition.

  15. Jake Belyeu:

    Would you ever know what the American Dream is? My dream is to spread my love and heal anyone who comes in contact with me.

  16. Banksy:

    The American Dream was the idea that a nation could be designed from the ground up for you and me, not a playground for the privileged — not for favored government officials (growing always in number or power), or of large business interests (which continues to grow in scope and magnitude). We don’t have a right to have all our needs provided for, but we do have a right to PURSUE those rights. (echoing what Dr. Bizarro says).

    I need to add:
    1. That the average adult ought have maximal control over the things that affect him / her.
    2. That the average adult ought to have access to enough unbiased information to make informed decisions about the things that affect him / her. No decisions ought be made about someone without his / her consent.
    3. That if the adult in question (the average one) needs a boss to get through the day at work, then measures ought be taken to train the average adult to know the things that bosses know…. for his or her freedom or independence or growth. Then the individual can once again feel part of the American Dream.

  17. dan:

    the biggest farce ever!!

  18. Sistah:

    Freedom of speech and choice.

  19. CK:

    Two cars in every garage, A loving wife/home maker, 2.5 kids, A dog & A cat, and the stuff in the original constitution. Not the bastardized version we keep corrupting with details!

  20. Steven:

    The American dream is what any particular American dreams of.

  21. Michael:

    The American dream is a matter of perspective.. Most Americans take for granted the idea of the American Dream. It’s something that people should want to hold onto, to give them hope for something that they believe is ‘better’.

  22. peacelovers:

    what only americans could do for the world now, namely, ending all the violence from american military bases on the earth…

  23. jean:

    having the opportunities for second (and more) chances.

  24. Tiff:

    A functional home life.

  25. April:

    Having the opportunity to succeed in anything I want and live my life the way I want.

  26. Aimee:

    A hope that freedom is an easy way out. Getting everything you want for a small amount of work.. America is full of disappointed dreams

  27. Amanda:

    Freedom and happiness

  28. Nick:

    Being able to express myself without limitations.

  29. Lizzy:

    beening whatever the hell i want to be.

    (yes, I’m talking to you mom and dad)

  30. Franz:

    The “american dream”, as observed from anywhere outside the USA, is being a d*ck to everyone around you and just working for what you believe is best for you, not considering a) it may not be best and b) that others have to suffer for it.

    Both between people and countrys.

  31. Michael Hitchcock:

    This is the place where we are meant to be free to invent our own traditions; to take up or leave behind the past as we wish; to live and worship as we wish; to compromise and get along with our neighbors without sacrifice; to be able to rise or fall on our own merit.

    That’s what the American dream means to me.

  32. Rowena:

    The American dream is being able to take that first step to do what YOU want to do. It’s YOUR dream… dream it the way YOU want to.

  33. Jack:

    American dream – is the possibility to live carefree, healthy and wealthy, earning for the same job more money than people living outside the U.S.
    This is the desire to live beneath peaceful skies (in USA), reserving the right to bomb anyone and anywhere, if their existence is kind of obstacle for implementing the very American dream.

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