Question 720

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  1. sasha:

    -the last night I ever got to spend with him. I’d do anything to go back and re-live that night. Nearly five years have passed and I still can’t stop grieving.

  2. m:

    my sleeping.. probably when i went to disney world or my 6th grade year..amazing.

  3. Susan:

    I will always remember my grandpa cooking tapioca pudding for me and then bringing it to me at my house while it was still warm. He was such a kind and handsome man. I loved him more than anything and always will.

  4. Tiva:

    I will always cherish the last words I said to my dad before he killed himself… I love you! I will NEVER, EVER regret saying that, and that fact that he said it back to me, means so much to me!!!

  5. Debi:

    The day my sister called me and we rekindled our relationship after 20 years of being seperated by circumstances beyond our control.

  6. Asker:

    there are soo many… my life is so amazing.

  7. Melanie:

    My boyfriend holding me tight at the end of the day and declaring “This is the best part of my day”. It’s been 2 1/2 years since cancer took him from me. I’d give anything to hear his voice again.

  8. Cari:

    Those moments are crystal clear in my mind and they shine differently than any other memory that I have. Most of those moments are with my Mom and others are with my husband.

  9. Ravi:

    should I? or should I take every moment as it comes.

  10. Liz:

    All my special memories from my childhood, my parents and my siblings. Each and every one of them formed such an incredible part of my life.

  11. vcm:

    every memory, no matter good or bad.

  12. Malak:

    my late chattting session with you ….even though you didnt deserve it πŸ˜› !

  13. Ria:

    The cross-country roadtrips my family did when I was little. At the time sitting 8 hours a day through the Midwest was torture, now it’s a great memory…the cool things we saw, hiking, fishing,the raccoon that ate the dog’s food, the silly things my siblings and I did to keep ourselves entertained…good times, good times.

  14. Dream:

    The first time I got to let my horse go all out in a field. I was scared half to death but it was amazing.

  15. Betty Ann:

    ..a lover sending me sign after his death. Made me realized there is more after this life.

  16. searching:

    The moment my baby girl was born. And she is 24 years old now. She will always be my baby.

  17. Sophia:

    That day when I was going to a concert with my best friends. The trip took us 5 hours because of the traffic (it usually only takes 1 hour). We had so much fun πŸ™‚

  18. Wesley:

    Every memory I have with her <3

  19. Seja:

    The moment when each of my baby girls took their first breath. The feeling of joy and relief that they were healthy and ok. The few moments I spent with my Mom before I Iost her. The moment they told me that I was cancer free.
    After years of infertility when they told me I was pregnant with my first daughter.

  20. My mother she was very loving towards life and my children at a very young age never forget the blessings she shared with our family!

  21. Heidi:

    How it felt to be wrapped in my father’s arms when I was little, that safe, protected place where I was always loved.

  22. the first day i layed eyes on my boyfriend who makes smile and liaugh when im depressed. no hes the only one who does that but there isnt always a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow

  23. Lauren:

    The day I saw the road to happiness…

  24. Emma:

    The night we sat in the parking lot at the movies, talking about what it would be like when I came out to my sisters the next day. First time I felt comfortable with myself in a long time.

  25. Úna:

    The day my best friend came out to me.

  26. Me:

    Of seeing my name in print for the first time when my article was published in a magazine and holding that first pay check in my hand.

  27. Anonymous:

    The day I hugged Patrick McCann.

  28. Kendall:

    The age of 3, holding my baby sister in the hospital before she passed away.

  29. Me:

    The 1st time I ever held my daughter. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Best moment of my life!

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