Question 722

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43 Responses to “Question 722”

  1. m:

    sleep…guys asses.

  2. nm:


  3. Rain:

    Infomercials! Wait if you buy now you get another one freeeeeeee! Come on how can you top that?

  4. Goddamn it:


  5. Drew:

    The picture’s right, I’m a sucker for puppies. They’re just so damn cool.

  6. Meghan:

    reading books when i should be doing other things

  7. susan:

    my son

  8. Tessa:

    … cake πŸ™‚

  9. Steve:

    I agree. The sleep comments are really getting annoying. It’s VERY POOR internet ettiquete.

  10. Cari:

    My husband, chocolate, horses, cats, alcohol, sweets in general… really good food!

  11. Blaine:

    Strange men and coffee (not necessarily together). πŸ˜‰

  12. Barry:


  13. Malak:

    choclate….and a certain light in a stranger’s eyes ….

  14. Malak:

    and yeah rain πŸ˜› !

  15. Ria:

    Stuffed animals. still. I can’t go past a rack of them at the store without giving them a pat and “Awww!!”

  16. jocelyn:

    peanut butter.

  17. Betty Ann:


  18. Sophia:

    Photography (:

  19. Courtney:

    Eye smiles

  20. Rarity:

    men with cats.

  21. vcm:

    sweets, especially chocolate

  22. holly:

    a beautiful smile.

  23. mac1:


  24. mac1:

    wtf is with ‘m’ and the sleep comments?

  25. zavia:

    agree with Goddamn it he must go to sleep for good

  26. Rachael:

    Animals, kids, someone in trouble/needs help.

  27. Moni:

    Ice cream, bacon cheeseburgers, chicken tikka masala, meatballs, sweets, charming guys and cute butts πŸ˜‰

  28. Michaela:

    Tea. His kisses. Sunshine

  29. Heidi:

    My wonderful soulmate, and soft things.

  30. Alicia:

    Him, animals and people that need me, guilt/shame

  31. Lauren:


  32. Sandy:

    Back rubs…the way to my heart….

  33. Úna:

    Guys who sing.

  34. Me:

    Good Music – I just starting swaying to it πŸ™‚

  35. Rayton:

    sweets and chocolates πŸ˜€

  36. GBJoker:

    People who are kind.

  37. Melanie:


  38. Sarah:

    men with animals

  39. Kristian:

    Blue eyes <3

  40. hexmage:

    The damaged.

  41. Julia:

    Dessert. Animals. Kindness.

  42. Joleen:

    animals (expecially dogs, cats and horses), books an music, and of course other cultures

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