Question 726

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25 Responses to “Question 726”

  1. m:

    people that don’t sleep… assholes, douches, dicks, fuckers, mother fuckers, hateful bitches, shitheads, ass kissers, asses, asswipes, bitches, fools, idiots, dumbasses.

  2. Rob:

    Physical abuse. Never again

  3. Simone:

    Someone being violent or abusive towards me.

  4. Cari:

    Mistrust, dishonesty, abuse, shallowness, and the WIND!

  5. Tiva:

    LIARS… I can’t stand to find out that someone has lied. It makes me not trust them, and shy away from them. All those who have lied from my past, are no longer with me in the present.

  6. abuse!!!!!

  7. Anon:

    Abuse of any kind, including verbal. Lived with it all my childhood and I will NEVER put up with it from anyone else.

  8. Sarah:

    My first thought was abuse (in a relationship sense). But I realized that I couldn’t put that because I do put up with it from my brother.

  9. Heidi:

    I am a very tolerant person, but I absolutely cannot stand people touching or changing my artwork. That is the only truth I let forth…and no one is allowed to screw with it.

  10. Porscha:

    People talking to me when I’m on the toilet

  11. Porscha:

    People talking to me while I’m on the toilet

  12. Jaki:

    I’m sick of ignorance. People that know me for five seconds, practically, and then claim to know me better than I know myself, then call me a stuck-up bitch when I try to explain why they’re wrong about me. I’m tired of being taken advantage of. I’m tired of not getting better even with help and friends and support. I’m sick of how this world is so judgmental based on what you look like or what religion you practice or what your gender or sexual orientation is or what your political views are.

    I often wonder: what happens to us to rob us of childhood innocence, and why do so many choose to not fight for it back?

  13. Lauren:

    Giving up…

  14. Loretta:

    People who can only converse in foul language and think that another person is interested in what they’re trying to say. After the first word I tune out.

  15. Me:

    Hurt and hatred

  16. vcm:

    disrespect towards me or anyone else.

  17. Debbie:

    Abuse … NEVER!

  18. Úna:

    People who make fun of my best friend. He’s twelve and is in many operas. He’s friends with mostly girls, and people call him gay.

  19. Alicia:

    Threats, prejudice

  20. BG:

    toilet paper rolls that are not on the holder

  21. Kristian:

    Liars and Disrespect. 😛

  22. Kendall:

    Someone who doesnt know the words to the classic disney songs!

  23. southerngirl:

    infidelity…never, ever again

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